Jonathan Lucroy’s Wife Sarah Lucroy


  1. Qusi

    Thanks. I think I just barfed a liltte. My guess is that doing nothing is close to exactly what will happen. The alternative with Doug is that he does something and we end up wishing he hadn’t because the move he makes will be expensive AND bad, instead of just bad.Who says this group can’t come back and be winners? I do. Waiting for Capuano/Narveson/Parra to morph into the back end of a rotation on a contending club is more or less the equivalent of waiting for Halle Berry to show up at my house with buckets of cash and finally admit I’m her soul mate. Awesome? Yes. Possible? Not even close. I don’t know about you, but another year of watching the Brewers become irrelevant by mid-July as the clock ticks on Braun and Gallardo’s contracts isn’t my idea of a good time, and bringing back the same rotation is hope for .500 move. Are there good alternatives? Doesn’t seem like it. Melvin has painted this franchise into a corner they’re unlikely to get out of soon. At this point my hopes are that Braun and Gallardo get some help before they’re gone in 2015 or so. I’ve more or less given up hope for 2011 and it ain’t even here yet.Wake up, Mark!Ted Simmons Speed Camp

  2. Paige

    I think people who harassed Sarah are assholes. I wanted to send Sarah a SUPPORTIVE message, but thanks to all those assholes, you can’t send her messages on facebook anymore. thanks a lot guys, ruined Sarah’s life for a while.

  3. Michelle Kuntz

    I feel awful about the hand situation. Don’t know why people are so mean. Just remember there are some nice people in thus world. Thanks for sharing Jonathan during games. I fully support all the brewers and think it’s awful when people are just mean. Have a great year. Supportive fan from Sussex. :-)

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