Terry Francona’s wife Jacque Lang


  1. Jason V

    Maybe we should expand the aggressive reporting to see how Heidi Whatley affected the team’s chances with Jason V’s bitter divorce. Its all on the table. John Henry step right up bitch.

  2. donald Stolgits

    First of all it’s Heidi “Watney” and I am thoroughly disgusted with Red Sox Ownership with the way they handled Tito’s departure. This guy should be revered as a baseball god by the Redsox faithful. He brought us two world series rings and made red sox baseball all the more fun to watch. Granted this was an awful season that appears to have been headed for calimity for a million different reasons and blame pie appears to be a desert that every suspect deserves a piece of. However, to let this guy go for one bad season and show him the door with a scarlet letter taped on his back is disgusting. I have no idea if Terry Francona has a pill problem or if his relationship had anything to do with the demise of the red sox….and for that matter neither do the red sox brass. I never saw Francona nodding off during a game because he had taking too much percocet, or crying uncontrollably because of his separation from his wife, even if those things are true I would have expected the red sox to embrace him and help him get through it the same way he embraced this team and lead them to two world championships. Maybe I’ll root for the cubs next season, but for damn sure, my relationship with the red sox currently has me living in a proverbial hotel next season. My girlfriend(the red sox) has some explaining to do before I move back in.

  3. TMC

    It is sad that personal issues flashed out like that at the time of the split between Terry Francona and Red Sox. With so many knee surgeries I would not be able to stand one hour let alone those five-hour games!!

    Tatiana McClintock, MS, MBA
    Sports Medicine Provider Network, LLC

  4. BD

    I saw Terry F. at the Liberty Hotel lobby bar on Saturday night July 23, 2011. He was sitting at the table behind the stairs, chatting up to two tiny, sexily-dressed Vietnamese girls. At the time, I thought it was something that just, you know, happened throughout baseball, especially on the road, and that T was being awfully brazen about bringing it to the hip joint in his hometown, where John Henry met his wife. Now I see that T. was going through a split, and acting out. I know I would go after tiny asian girls when I have a split!

  5. Harry Eakles

    I played LITTLE LEAGUE with T. and grad. 2yrs. before him from good olNew Brighton Pa.With all of his God given talents and perks of having a MLB DAD. TERRY was. and I shore still is a greatperspon great guy and a very difficult person to not root for. GIVE EM HELL T.

  6. a friend

    I know this person and she deserved better. I know them both actually and yes Terry has a pill problem and yes he’s a f-ing asshole for what he put her through. Anyone lucky enough to spend ten minutes with this woman would kick Terry’s ass for treating her like shit. There was nothing more important to this woman than her family, and her husband. Terry’s a child, she is nothing but smart, sophisticated, funny and quite beautiful.

  7. Adam C.

    He might have some personal issues but who dosent…..Hes a god in Cleveland……The man loves baseball and it got in the way of there relationship……Im sure she wanted him to spend more time with her and less time on baseball but he could not because baseball is in his blood….He is truly one of the best managers in baseball history and Cleveland is truly blessed to have a manager of this magnitude

  8. snagger

    interesting story. i went on a date recently with a girl who dated tito through match.com (100% true story). she couldn’t believe it was him when they met. she said that she was able to ride on the back of his scooter too. absolutely insane, but this is the world we live in.

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