Josh Donaldson’s Girlfriend History


  1. Jessica

    You are lucky to be with josh Donaldson every day he is like my FAVORITE FAVORITE baseball player I watch all the game tht I possibly can and from my house I cheer josh Donaldson on even if he’s having a bad day I’m always cheering him on at home and hopefully I can meet josh Donaldson one day

  2. Ginny Froman

    Hi Josh! You’re my favourite Blue Jay ever since you started with them. Your win for MVP last season was well deserved and I was so happy!!

    Your girlfriend, Jillian seems like a lovely woman and I’m sure you’re both happy together!

    Today is October 15th and I just finished watching the second game against Cleveland. You saved us from being shut out! Tell your teammates I encourage them not to be discouraged because that can drag everyone down. You guys will tie this series up because you’ll win the next two games and that’s the truth!
    Love and prayers to you all, ginny

  3. Kathy

    Hi Josh
    I actually call you Joshie. Sorry to your girlfriend which I’m sure is lovelyour but you are my favorite Blue Jays. I have tried so hard to meet you. I love you to death you are such an awesome leader and for kids to look up to

  4. Nancy Thomas

    Josh, my husband and I are super Vikings show fans and are pleased you went on the show, and hopefully will return next season, you did really well!! Glad to see you return to the Jays this week and hit that HOMER!!!! Like the new haircut, too!
    Good luck to you and the team…I know you all will be fighting to win!

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