Grady Sizemore’s girlfriend Brittany Binger


  1. Baseball fan too

    Let this be a lesson….it is illegal to hack into a person’s email or other information! I am glad this “so called fan” got caught and prosecuted! I am glad Grady and Brittany are still together and going strong! Best Wishes!

  2. bvbikeguy

    Why exactly is she a slut? Because she posed nude once 5-6 years ago? Quelle horreur. That doesn’t automatically make someone a slut. We don’t know her, she could be the nicest, most wonderful person ever. Or she could be a total bitch. Bottom line is, no one knows unless they personally know her. So quit judging people by the cover. How would you like for someone to judge you forever on one thing you did 5 years ago?

    Also, I don’t know where you or anyone else got the Summer wedding thing from. Only actual reports I’ve seen have said no date was announced.

  3. Elizabeth

    Fake as they come. Pathetic that she has such low self esteem she needs to pose naked so she will get compliments.

  4. Chelsea

    New update for the judgemental people….Grady and Brittany did finally tie the knot last year in 2014. Congratulations on the birth of their first child in 2015 #lotsoflove

  5. Trisha Andrews

    This is an open letter to the people who run this website:

    I’m sick and tired of seeing those bitches who stole the hearts of the gorgeous men in baseball, especially my current fave, Bryce Harper, who got married on December 17, 2016 to a brunette of a striking beauty, Ohio State women’s soccer player Kayla Varner.

    You guys need to get a life!!!!!

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