Chris Perez’s wife Melanie Perez


  1. julia morelos

    Hello Melannie I’m from Tucson Arizona. I’m a hairdresser and I just wanted to tell you I’m so happy you and Chris Perez are happy and have a family. I know its none of my biz but I felt it my heart you write you a note. God bless you and your family Julia

  2. Kay M.

    What a dysfunctional couple of stoned pot-head addicts! In front of their children, no less. Irresponsible & idiotic parents who could care less about protecting and caring for their kids. Lock ’em both up and put the kids in foster care away from the Weed freaks!!

  3. no one

    In her mugshot she looks like Michael Jackson and Chris in his mugshot looks like the guy at the football game in Blind Side being mean to Michael Oher.

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