Asdrubal Cabrera's wife Lismar Cabrera



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Not much exists about Asdrubal and Lismar. They were married in December, 2006, have at least one child and reside in Anzoategui, Venezuela in the offseason.

Anyone ever seen Asdrubal's pearl necklace?
Yeah, lots of people did, and rightfully asked why the hell he was wearing a pearl necklace. Turns out, they aren't pearls, rather a necklace made of beads by Lismar. He wears it regularly, calling it his good luck charm.

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  1. Sara

    There is a pic of Maggie Rodriguez from the Cleveland Indians and Lismar Cabrera (wife of Asdrubal Cabreara)on this website.

  2. ashley

    they have two children together Meyer and Ashley, I see them at the game with Lismar

  3. ashley

    I found another picture of Lismar and Asdrubal together.


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