Zack Cozart’s wife Chelsea Cozart



    u r darling…u and Zach are a great looking twosome…lov zack..great shortstop…I am and have always been a reds fan…favorite reds players…zack…concepcion and barry larkin…go zack and go redlegs

  2. Amber Wilcox

    Hello, My nme is Amberlin and I am an 11 year old from North Carolina. I am on vacation in Pennsylvania this week and my parents and I just by chance, on Monday met your husband at Gobblers Knob where Mr. Cozart,, Mr. Bruce, Mr. Mesoraco and Mr. Heisey were having a photo made with Puxatony Phil. I appreciate the time your husband and all of his friends took to sign an autograph for me.   My mom’s camera battery literally died before we could take any photos. So I am wondering if there is any way you could email me a copy of one of the photos that was taken of the guys with Phil? If not I understand.

    News Reds Fan in North Carolina, Amberlin Wilcox

  3. Brenda Stalls

    I am from Memphis. Would like to know if Zach’s grandparents are James and Martha Canary. We went to church with them many years ago.

  4. Adam

    I have know both of them my whole life I grew up with them they are really great people and I have two sons that play ball and they watch Zack on YouTube and watch the games everytime he’s on tv I’m just glad Zack don’t have his own Cleats yet couse I would have to buy them for my kids

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