Shin Soo Choo’s wife Won Mi Ha Choo


  1. Jenny Daws

    I am a 72 year old REDS fan and love watching your husband play. Wishing the best for your family.

  2. Glenn & Barbie

    We’ve been Reds fans for many years and truly enjoy watching Shin Soo play on our beloved team. He is a most welcomed addition to the team. You can see how much he respects the game and takes pride in his work. Talent can only get you so far but when when you couple it with hard work, the sky’s the limit. He is the true embodiment of that. Continue to shoot for the stars, Shin Soo! Best wishes to you and your beautiful family.

  3. Ethan Allen

    Hello. I live in Tacoma, WA, and was very disappointed when Shin-Soo Choo was traded by the Seattle Mariners. Many of us were looking forward to seeing him play every day in Seattle. Now, many of us are hoping he will re-sign with the Mariners and come back to the beautiful Northwest to play. And, we have our spring training in Arizona where you live….plus it is a pretty short flight from Seattle to Arizona.

    We hope you come back to Seattle. With the additions of Robinson Cano and Cory Hart, plus Shin-Soo Choo, Seattle will be competing for the title in 2014. PLEASE COME BACK. YOUR TRADE WAS A MISTAKE BY THE GENERAL MANAGER (WHO HAS BEEN LET GO), AND WE WOULD ALL LOVE IT IF YOU RETURNED.

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