Scott Rolen’s wife Nikki Rolen


  1. Steven Emerson

    Please tell Scott that, as a life long Reds fan, I enjoyed watching him play very much and I hope he comes back. I know, and all true Reds fans know, that there is no way the Reds would’ve made the playoffs in either 2010 or this year without him. He’s a hall of famer and the team is lucky to have his leadership and brilliant play at third base.

    Steven Emerson

  2. Kim Zeigler

    Scott, you are a class act. Cincinnati has been so fortunate to call you our own. I love your grit and determination…such a great work ethic. Now I read that you and your wife do charitable work for autism research? I love you even more! Thank you for all you bring to baseball fans!

  3. Barb

    Scott, I’m a transplanted buckeye in Florida. I have followed your career for several years, but gotta tell ya,I’m so glad you’re a Cincinnati Red. You have so important to the team since your arrival, and hope you’ll decide not to retire and return for the 2013 season. God bless you and your family.

  4. JD Carlile

    Scott, It was Great to see you come home tonight and Celebrate the 2006 Cardinals World Series Win! You are Definitely a Hall of Famer! God Bless you and your Family!

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