Ryan Ludwick’s wife Joanie Ludwick


  1. Jordan Chase

    Explain to me the point of posting about a wife/girlfriend and not having a picture? Nobody fucking cares if you can’t see her!

  2. David Ray

    Mr. Jordan Chase, You are disgusting for talking to Mrs. Ludwick in the manner that you have. You should be ashamed of yourself. It’s people like you who prevent people such as Mrs Ludwick from doing nice things for fans of her husband. Ryan and his wife live in the town next to me and I am so proud that they chose our great state to live in. On behalf of human beings
    Everywhere Mrs. Ludwick, I apologize for the behavior of others. Thank you Ryan for having such a great year for our Reds. We’ll get them next year. Have a great winter. Your Biggest Fans, David and Lori Ray

  3. Kim Zeigler

    Well said, Mr. Ray, well said. I am praying that you come back to the Cincinnati Reds in 2013, Ryan! You were so exciting to watch this year. Whenever you were at bat, I had great hope and anticipation. You were dependable and brought fun to the team. Thank you, thank you!!

  4. Mr Angell

    Hi Joanie
    Ryan was in my 8th grade science class at O’Callaghan MS in Las Vegas. I have followed his career in baseball and I am so proud of him. I wanted him to be a scientist but I KNEW he had baseball as a passion. I can only imagine what it is like to be the spouse of a major league player and I hope you are happy in life.
    Marion (Mr. Angell)

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