Joey Votto’s girlfriend Jeanne Paulus


  1. FruityPants

    I don’t think Joey would like a blonde. AND when exactly does she work as a dental hygienist if she is on the road with Joey? AND why wouldn’t Joey just pay for everything if he truly loves her? I want answers!!!!!

  2. FruityPants

    I looked Jeanne up on facebook and her profile photo is of her in a bikini jumping on a beach. If she is Joey’s lady why is she putting provocative photos of herself for the world to see. I find it hard to believe that Joey would approve of such immodesty. I would wear whatever Joey would tell me to. AND futhermore I would feel like a real woman by being by his side.

  3. susan wiltshire

    i agree if you are with someone you should not wear provacative outfits, when does she work, if she is not in one place most of the time. he deserves someone classy. i would also never do anything or post anything that could embarass him. joey is awesome.

  4. RO


  5. Anonymous

    I can’t say I don’t like her…. Just REAL jealous!!!!!!! Joey seems like the closest to the perfect guy in the world.

  6. I know

    Jeanne Paulus, Joey Votto’s girl, is a fabulous, beautiful person inside and out. If you love Joey, then you better love her, because she isn’t going anywhere except into his future!

  7. B in Cincinnati

    Think it is great if she continues her work as a Dental Hygenist. Should she just sit around because she has a relationship with someone who has a lot of Money? I didn’t see the facebook photo, but in all the other pictures I think she does look Classy. None of us really know her and therefore we should not be judgemental. I don’t think either Joey or Jeanne are DO NOTHING PEOPLE, even with all their money. I don’t think they are into THINGS. I think they want to make “Things Happen”!
    Here is my Motto: Don’t Dis my Votto!

  8. Fred Grossman

    We really miss you at Dr. Novak’s. The girl who took your place is OK but she pales in comparison with you. Now I have nobody to talk to about Joey.


    Don’t like her….don’t like her at all! Love, love, love Joey! I don’t know Jeanne of course but she sure doesn’t mesh well with him. Of course I have not seen the two of them together to make that assumption but SHE CAN’T HAVE HIM! Can’t she find a dentist to leach onto or something????

  10. Newport Gril

    No matter what people say if she loves Joey so be it.I think Joey knowns what he wants.He is playing for our Redlegs so he must know what he wants right. So Jeanne if you are happy and love him then you go girl

  11. me

    Well can’t say I don’t like her… very happy for Joey Votto! Even if I am jealous… very glad he’s happy!!! You go Votto

  12. Keith

    I had the pleasure in meeting Jeanne last year at Great American during a raffle in which she participated and I thought that she has a lot of class and is very sweet! I think that her and Joey make a fine couple! Best wishes to the both of them!

  13. anonymous

    hey guess what! joey likes her for who she is. it’s not up to you who he’s with. throwing that out there!

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