Jay Bruce’s wife Hannah Bruce


  1. TARA

    congrats on your wedding. my 7 year old niece is a huge Bruce fan. I wanted to let you know that Sherrie Giese sat up a facebook for Bruce saying shes dating him but I knew he was taken.

  2. pauline good

    I would like to know if jay’s father is tim bruce. i am his aunt, his father was my brother Donald b.barnes and tim was adopted by a family named Bruce. i would love to know and would like to tell jay about his family. i know this is coming out of no where but you can e-mail me and i would give you more information. jay’s mother is Rhonda and i don’t know if her and tim stayed together. we lost contact with them after they left ohio. merry Christmas to all.
    Pauline good
    Englewood, ohio

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