Frank Thomas’ Wife Megan Thomas


  1. Patti Ellis

    Hi Megan, Just wanted to let you know that I am so happy for your Husband, Frank on getting to the Hall of Fame. Our Family will be at Comiskey Park on Aug. 2nd and we all can’t wait to see you and Frank. Have fun today cause I know Frank deserves it.

  2. Richard Mclaughlin

    Mrs Thomas, I was in total awe when Frank answered the door today when I delivered your Peapod items. I told him that I was glad that he played the game right and congratulated him on an outstanding career. I always made it a point to make it to a Sox game when I would come home on leave while in the Army. We meet many celebrities on our route but today was a Highlight for me! I felt like a little kid and all agog. At 56 I hope that i did not make a fool of myself! Richard

  3. Tony

    Why do blk women get so upset that all rick blk guys marry white women? And why do white guys only assume she is only w Frank for the money and the BBC?

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