Matt Garza’s wife Serina Ortiz


  1. Eva Pauls

    Hi Serina,

    We looked up Matt’s information on tne internet and decided to send you a note. Do you still stamp? I would love to hear from you.


  2. Bill Fedrick

    Welcome to you and your family to Texas. It’s a wonderful place to live and play. Good luck!

  3. Walter Sigler

    I very proud of u guys. You stuck it out and did the right thing. You kept your family together. Now the hard part begins, and that is keeping it together. I got ur 6. I’m a veteran, and that means I got your back. I’m a big fan of Matt, and the Rangers. You guys will love Texas. God Bless

  4. jw

    I would ask how you’re doing…but it doesn’t look like it’s part of Matt’s philosophy to let you talk. Sounds like a great relationship to have your husband always putting you in your place. Must be so nice to have a husband of such class!

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