Jake Arrieta’s wife Brittany Arrieta


  1. Melodie Koukol

    I imagine the grueling workouts and strenuous games given by the Cubs ( I’m so proud Cubs are finally going to make it this year!), but what I have no subtle transition for is that I am a small organically fed chicken farmer and our eggs are like no others. Nobody is doing what we are doing for our chickens…we make home made Kefir, Kombuchia and soil probiotics for our hens. For the hard core person into whole health we are the premier egg producer. no other egg is going to give you more nutritional value than ours. We even eat our eggshells,which should at the very least peak your interest because eggshells repair cartilage, repair joint health, reduce,swelling and even rebuilds enamel in your teeth. This is 100% all natural. I would love nothing more than to tell you more. I am one hour from Chicago and very proud of what we are doing.

  2. Peter Vermes

    I met Jake at an MLB event a few days ago. Great dude. I was playing catch with his 4 year old, cute kid. He sure would look good in NY pinstripes :)

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