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Edwin Jackson's girlfriend Erika Zanders



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No stranger to moving around, Edwin Jackson finally found his comfort zone last year for the Washington Nationals. He was a workhorse for a surprisingly good Nationals staff, which led the team to their first playoff birth since moving to DC in 2005. Now he is one of the top free agent pitchers on the market, needing to choose whether to stay with the Nats or move on to his 9th professional team.

Jackson has been somewhat of an enigma since being called up for the Dodgers in 2003. Originally drafted as an outfielder, he made a seamless conversion to a starting pitcher and was considered a top prospect. He’s had games where he can barely throw a strike and at times looks unhittable. In a game that epitomizes of his career, Jackson pitched a no hitter against a former team (Tampa Bay) in 2010 while giving up 8 walks over 149 pitches. Figuratively and literally unhittable, all wrapped up in one.

One thing that is stable is Jackson’s personal life. With long term relationship supporting him, Edwin Jackson's girlfriend Erika Zanders is set to become Edwin Jackson's wife when they are wed this coming January. They are getting married in Fort Lauderdale, which they chose because it is a warm destination that their grandparents don’t have to travel far to get to. Also in attendance will be their son, who is 1 year old.

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