David Ross’ Wife Hyla Ross


  1. James Lusietto

    Hi Hyla Ross.
    My name James Lusietto
    My 6yrs old son Bentley will be attend his 1st cubs game this Sunday night sept.25,2016.. My son wants to be like your husband David .. This past summer Bentley would ask
    Is David Ross playing today,dad
    I’m ask if Bentley could meet David before Sunday night game? If not I understand,Hyla.
    We live 120 miles south of Chicago near spring valley,il.. Our seat are sec. 209 row 19 seat 1&2.. Thank you Hyla
    46 yrs father try help his 6 yrs old son meet his baseball hero.. Bentley takes Karate for 1yr.now has earn Orange belt,playing drums since 3 yrs old.. Now taking drum lesson for 6 months too control his playing.. Favorite musician Miles Davis. Join Boy Scout past month,swim team.. Sorry for long story,hyla ! Thanks James.

  2. Hyla Holmes Callo

    Dear Hyla Ross,

    First of all I am a huge Cubs fan! My name is Hyla Holmes Callo and I felt that I had to write you since we have the same unusual name. After the ceremony at Wrigley Field with David and your family, a friend of mine texted me and said you have the same name as me. I have never met someone else named Hyla and just wanted to reach out to say, that yes, there is someone else out there with the same name. I am also curious on how your parents named you. My mother’s best friend went to Eastern Illinois University and became friends with a girl named Hyla. My mom’s friend talked about her all the time and my Mom loved the name and when I was born they named me Hyla. I love my name, as I’m sure you love yours, since we are always the only one in the room with that name!

    I have immensely enjoyed watching your husband play baseball and what a great family he has to support him. I hope, as the whole city of Chicago and Cub fans everywhere, that the Cubs win the World Series. It has also been exciting to know that there is someone else out there named Hyla.

    All the best to you and your family!
    Go Cubs!
    Hyla Holmes Callo

  3. andy cason

    dear david ross sometime you should come and see supper club too cooking class at the rolling medows committee center in rolling mdeows your friend andy

  4. Hila

    Hi Hyla just heard your name on dancing with the stars. My name is Hila also , it was my grandmas’s name. I have never heard it any where else. I’m from MO. We spell different ways but thought that was neat to hear it on t v

  5. Donna Hodap

    I just wanted to reach out to you. I heard your name mentioned on Dancing With the Stars this season and was surprised there are others out there. My grandmother’s name is Hyla Mae. She will be 99 in October. I thought she was the only one out there with her name. Who were you named after?
    I’m so excited to be seeing Grandpa Rossy on DWTS this season! He’s doing great.
    I hope this message reaches you. Would love a response. Thanks for your time.

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