Dale Sveum’s Wife Darlene Sveum


  1. Anonymous

    Not that it provides much information about Dale himself, but his daughter is the one in the sorority at ASU. Nice girl too.

  2. Carol Snyder

    Im pretty sure Darlene went to HS with Dale , She was a cheerleader at PVHS. My sister graduated with both and knew they got married. Unless Dale has ever divorced, that has to be her.

  3. Anonymous

    They did indeed both graduate together from Pinole Valley High School. Both very nice kids. Close family and friends attended their wedding in Reno.

  4. Bill G

    Darlene and Dale met while nt Pinole Valley High School. Darlene grew up with my ex-wife and they lived a couple of doors down from each other in San Pablo on the Pinole border. They were best friends, in fact Darlene was the Maid of Honor at our wedding in 1981. They have stayed in touch and sent Christmas cards through out the years. Dale and Darlene are still married and at times she will travel to stay with him in the city he is currently contracted with.

  5. Anonymous

    Dale and Darlene met when they were both 15. They went to high school together, Darlene was not a cheerleader. They married among very close family in a very small wedding and are still married after 35 years. Darlene is very private and Dale is also regarding their family.

  6. Dana Dickinson

    It’s true Dale and Darlene met in school in Pinole California. I went to school with them both, and Darlene lived 4 houses down from me. I played with her often and thought of her mom as a very nice person. I remember Dale and Darlene both as two of the very nicest people in school. They both really stood out that way, in that they were uncommonly nice, and genuine.

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