Tim Wakefield’s wife Stacy Stover


  1. Phil

    More like a 9 out of ten ! She is quite attractive !! Way to go Wake ! You scored on and off the field. Good luck on #200 !! I miss the true knuckeballers.

  2. Sandra Puliti

    Hi This Message Is For Stacey, I Am An Old Friend Of The Stover Family, And I Wanted To Ask Stacey How Stephanie Was Doing And I Wanted To Get In Touch With Steph, I Saw Mrs Stover At Dunkin Donuts In Brockton And Asked About All Of You But I Could Not Talk To Long Had To Go Back To Work. So If You Can Tell Steph I Am Working At The Store International Food Gourmet Part Time, I Would Like For Her To Visit Me. So We Can Talk. Thank You For Your Time. Great Pictures By The Way You Still Look The Same Stacey!!!

  3. Nick

    Ms Wakefield – I would like to get instruction from your husband on how to throw the knuckle ball. I realize that he gets a ton of requests, but was hoping that you might be able to help facilitate this. I know I am asking a lot — but I thought I would try. I am in the Boston area and would love some F2F time with Mr. Wakefield if he finds himself in MA.

  4. Cecelia

    I want to say that of all the Red Sox players, Mr. Wakefield is my all time favorite, because of the kind human being that he is off the field. He does so much for charity, and those that don’t have the ability the enjoy the game in person. He is a wonderful family man and has a beautiful wife and children. My husband told me that Mr. Wakefild will visit the children at Franciscan’s Hosp and does not inform the media prior to arrival for the sake of the families involved. He does this work out of the goodness from his heart not for the attention it would bring. God Bless you always.

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