Shane Victorino’s wife Melissa Smith


  1. jasmine

    omg i never knew that SHANE VICTORINO was engaded…suprisingly im a BBIIGG fan. personally i think he can do better bcuz he is sexy. but good luck and god bless both of yall daughter kali’a makenna victorino!!! GO PHILLIES

  2. Kali'a Makenna Victorino

    Hi Jasmine
    My mommy and daddy had me when they werent married now i get to be in their wedding! I am really excited because i get to be in it!

  3. phillyman

    SHANE VICTORINO may be from hawaii, but i think and hope his heart will always be in philadelphia, shane no matter where you go philly will always love you.!!!!!!!!


    I think they look so happy together, best wishes for them. Jasmine’s comments are very immature. Maybe his fiance knows, looking like a bimbo doesn’t mean you’ll keep your man.

  5. melissa

    congrats to both of them although it’s sad to see a hott guy like Shane off the market.I’m a huge Phillies fan and #8 is my favorite.anyway as for Jasmine’s comment this photo of Melissa does not do her justice she is very beautiful.

  6. maggie

    It sucks now because he’s taken but i still truly LOVE YOU lol, and she is beautiful you know whats under those glasses sexiness lol(i wear glasses) anyway congrats to both of you and may god bless yous! GO #8 ~ LOVE U

  7. taylor

    i am a huge fan of shane victorino i am so happy that he found his true love and keep on playing like i know you can and i will be cheering you on every game you play in

  8. Anthony

    I’m a huge mets fan nd huge phillie hater nd I was at the game sitting dead center harrassing Shane victorino all night. I had the whole section chanting Melissa it was great .

  9. Winona

    I have known Melissa for many years and happen to think she so deserves to be married to Shane. Good for you Melissa…You have always been beautiful and very giving..Hugs from your home town friend from Alaska…

  10. babymama

    I wasnt so sure at first if shane was taken but i later found out tht he had a gf n they had 1 child together a daughter so then i over head in 09 tht he was goin to marry his gf Melissa n i knew she was pregnant again n i saw her for the 2nd time n thought she’s very pretty n tht they deserved to be 2gether n happily in love n having a second child 2gether n they jst had a beautiful baby boy kingston shane born on 9-30-10 Ccongrats to the victorino family. I also wanted to add tht when i saw her n how big she was i knew instanteously she was carrying a boy n i was right. Now big sis kali’a has a playmate :)

  11. ggrl

    shane victoooorriinnnoooo!!! omg ur my fav phillies player!!! i really want to meet you but i dont think i can because ur famous and ur always traveling w/ the phillies… i wish i could meet you i really do. your sooo aweessooommmee!!!!1111 i love you!!!!! you rock!!!!!

  12. T

    Congrats to Shane & Melissa on welcoming their 2nd child!!! I’m a CLOSE family friend to Melissa she is a sweet, caring, loving person and deserves to be happy with a great man!!! Jasmine your comments are rude and you shouldn’t be so quick to judge her she is very beautiful inside and out…..You could learn A LOT from a person like her.

  13. Alyssa

    Shanes wife is my dads friends niece! and my dad is doing work at shanes house over the summer so we can meet him.!

  14. Mike

    Shane is one heck of a nice guy! He took the time for a meet & greet with just me and my two sons who were 13 and 10 at the time at Citizen’s Bank Park in 2009 on SHANE VICTORINO DAY! He probably forgot about it (we met in the Phillies dugout before the game), but my sons will never forget–especially MY Shane (my younger son, SHANE, who was at the FIRST Phillies game that Shane appeared in Philly. When my Shane heard Shane’s name announced, he got all happy and has followed him ever since and has been inspired as well. My Shane is now in his 4th year in Little League and is one of the most passionate people I know about baseball and “his” Shane Victorino!
    IF you’re reading this, Shane V., THANK YOU!!

  15. Debi Hancock

    I hosted Shane in my home when he came to Great Falls, Montana at the young age of 18. He played for our Great Falls Dodgers. He was a great kid while he was here and I enjoyed having him in my home. He was an inspiration for my son, Jeremy and my mom. To this day my mom follows Shane’s career and watches the Phillies just to see Shane play. Congratulations Shane to your ongoing success and your growing family. Your wife is beautiful. Sorry I lost touch with your mom. I still think of you and your family.

  16. Melissa (not the same)

    You have one idea how beautiful smart and SEXXY she is! Not the best pic but trust me… She can give ANY woman a run for their money! Shane is a very lucky man!

  17. JoAnn Forte

    My husband Len and I had the pleasure of meeting Shane’s wife Melissa. She was very friendly and approachable. We spoke for quite some time and I asked her if her husband Shane would sign an autograph for our grandson who is baseball player and a fan of Shane. My husband shook hands with him and we asked him if he would mind signing an autograph for our grandson. He was very polite and
    Oh that smile! Thank you Shane!

  18. JoAnn Forte

    Melissa, it was a pleasure meeting you today at the pool. Your children are beautiful and we wish you much happiness in your married life together. God bless you!

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