Scott Podsednik’s wife Lisa Dergan


  1. Andrea

    She was not born in San Diego, she was born in Corpus Christi, Texas and moved to Hawaii before settling in San Diego where she grew up. You could have gotten your facts straight if you had done any research.

  2. Sophia

    “I just want to check that scrawny chipmunk Podsednik is actually married to THIS!?” *Are you serious?!? You wish you were Scott Podsednik because you probably can’t get any action. He is the complete opposite of what you said. I’m so jealous of her but I met her once and she is super nice. If he was what you said he would have never landed her. He probably gets paid more money in one day than you will ever get paid in your lifetime. You obviously are jealous. Grow up cry baby.

  3. Dan

    to the person above:
    are you retarded? do you even know what this is all about?
    please get some help and get your facts right

  4. OpeningDayCards

    Scooter is awesome. Former Brewer (+100 points), huge post season HR (+10 points), married to Lisa Dergan (+150 points). Do the points add up and make Lisa one of the Top 5 Hottest MLB Wives?

  5. Whit

    Well…. At least she is smokin’ hot… So is he…. This marriage I get…. Andre Ethier on the otherhand…. Not so much

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