Nick Green's girlfriend Heidi Watney


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We've been hearing this "Nick Green's girlfriend is Heidi Watney" rumor for a couple weeks now, but wanted a little confirmation before running with it.

Apparently, NESN/Red Sox sideline reporter Heidi Watney has no boundaries with dating the players she reports on. The Boston Herald Inside Track reported that Watney and Green were recently spotted out to dinner in Boston with Jacoby Ellsbury and his girlfriend Kelsey Hawkins. Apparently they enjoyed what was on the menu in a very not well hidden show of PDA.

Heidi denies all on a local Boston radio show: "That's not true. It's a complete lie. I'm not dating him. I went to dinner with girlfriends the other night, not him."
Watney went on to explain that she's never dtaed a Red Sox player despite the various reports.

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4 Responses to “Nick Green's girlfriend Heidi Watney”

  1. Mainesoxfan

    Josh Beckett once snapped at her after she asked a question during a post-game interview session. I was wondering if maybe she dissed him when he asked her out or something. He was a jerk.

  2. trisha

    she's a hoe...first varitek, wrecked his marriage on her....c'mon John Henry..you can't see a hoe when there is one....

  3. FoxyBentley

    They are NOT dating... she obviously posted herself on here....pathetic

  4. vin giurleo

    I hear that Heidi is dating a Boston Guarden executive Dom G*****O. He's very hush hush about it. But thats what the word on the street is.

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