JD Drew’s wife Sheigh Drew


  1. Mary Werger

    Dear Mrs. and Mr. Drew,
    YOu have a great family and I am really glad that your lives are not ALL around baseball, that you are spreeding a Christian based message around! Good luck and God Bless your family!
    ps. Your kids are so CUTE <3

  2. Wanda

    Just watched JD hit a two run homer but also read a nice article about his thoughts on next year, his life, his kids and his church. Good luck and best wishes to you and your family. Thanks JD for being the person you are. God Bless.

  3. Hem-young deFazio

    Hi Sheigh and J.D.,

    How are you? Do you remember me?

    It’s so nice to read about you and see your pictures here. Your children look so beautiful, too.

    Dominic and I miss you here in Pasadena. We think about you whenever we pass through 710 S. El Molino Avenue. I just found out the family whom we helped to purchase a home a few years ago are from Atlanta Georgia. It’s so nice to tell people about the wonderful experience we had with you. We wonder if J.D. will be playing for the Dodgers again soon.

    We wish you all the best.

    God bless you and your family.

    Hem-young deFazio

  4. Donna biers

    Hello, first off let me start off by congratulating you two on such beautiful children! They are adorable! I’m writing you because I’m wondering if JD Drew or any of his brothers Tim or Stephen knows of a Frankie Daughtery,(my grandmother) Donald Daughtery (my grandfather), Bradley Daughtery, Earl also referred to as uncle Earl Johnson? Maybe a bobby or Jeff Daughtery? My grandmother whom ive not had any contact with or anyone else on my dads side of the family (except for a week back in 07 my mother looked her up and flew her out for my graduation) since I was about 3 years old.I’m now 24 yrs old. Frankie showed me a picture of 3 guys she had in her photo album. She said ” these are your second cousins -they play baseball for some team..Honestly I didn’t think much of it because at the time I wasn’t really in to baseball..I hadn’t met my husband yet lol..he loves baseball. Anyway, My fathers name is Bobby Daughtery. Im not sure if my name has ever been brought up to J.D. Or his two brothers but I was also born in hayhira Ga and lived in valdosta for a short time with my grandparents,If you could please pass this along to JD I’d greatly appreciated it! Thank you!!

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