Jacoby Ellsbury’s Wife Kelsey Ellsbury


  1. jessie

    Well maybe he might be like a real person and wants someone who is real and a real relationship with! And not like everyone else who is famous and just wants to meet the famous standards! Beside I think she is pretty!

  2. Sam

    I think she’s gorgeous! She’s got a real natural look to her, not the fake, “I’ve got implants and a spray tan” look to her and that’s a rarity today.

  3. jewel nevano

    she’s gorgeous. i’ve met her a couple of times and not only is she absolutely beautiful, but she’s down to earth and VERY NICE.

  4. Mainesoxfan

    You gotta love a girl who will wear fan gear! Not afraid to wreck her ‘do with a ball cap. I give her a thumbs up!

  5. valerie

    eww srry i definently think i would be better for him well imin high school but still i luv u jacoby and you have always been my idol and dream man!

  6. Kim Caldwell

    Seeing how i have known Kelsey for many years, we grew up in the same little hick town and graduated together. She is a great person, very down to earth and does not let things give her a big head. She is not the “dumb blonde” type. She is very smart, graduated with a 4.0 GPA, and was very active with school events. We are happy that she found such a great guy!! Way to go Kels!!!!

  7. molly

    i dont think shes pretty at all but i absolutly LOVE jacobyy he has been my idol since i was a little girl and hes always been my first crush/dream mann<3

  8. Crystal Mayo

    I can’t deny that she is pretty, but I also can’t deny that I hate her! No it’s just that I always thought that we had a future together Jacoby!! No but seriously I am glad he is happy!

  9. bryn

    jacoby would look better with a darker hair dark eyed girl insted of a bottle blonde from south beach but i stil love jacobyyy<3


    i am probably the biggest Red Sox fan on earth and in 2007 when i saw jacoby, i had (and still have) the biggest crush on that guy jacoby is the cutest guy in earth! kelsey hawkins is one VERY lucky girl! <3

  11. John

    Bryn sounds like one of those dark haired girls that are jealous of blondes. Not all blondes are bottled or from south beach. That would be like saying all dark haired girls are from Jersey and stupid. I can tell you one thing, when a blonde walks in the room, heads turn….mine does! Jacoby’s lady is pretty and they make a stunning couple.

  12. Karen

    I have had a huge crush on Jacoby since he first came to Boston (and I’m old enough to be his mother). I think his girlfriend is very pretty and they make a good match. (Also, not all blonds are dumb.)I wish them the best.

  13. Karen

    I think she is very pretty and one lucky lady. She’s been with him since 2006 so I don’t think she’s in it for the money as others have said. I hope he stays with the Red Sox for a long time and I wish him good luck with Kelsey or whomever he wishes to be with.

  14. future mrs. ellsbury

    im so happy hes happy but i heard his mother let slip they broke up after she stoped going to games things went down

  15. Angeleyes

    It is his choice just saw him with a dark woman of his raise,not predjudice, just tired of seeing all the good looking men of color marrying thin blondes. All of us women of color with what I have a little meat on our bones, just want to know what’s up. I am way to old for him, not thin nor thick. just asking what’s up????? YES I HAVE A GOOD MAN,Not a Jacoby LOL

  16. Lesie

    I think she is pretty and if you check her twitter it seems like they still are together. I’ve had the BIGGEST crush on Jacoby since he first came to Boston. My friends and I still fight over who loves him more!

  17. ti

    i do not find her very attractive, and i definitely think he could do better. but hey, maybe she’s a nice girl and a sweetheart. :(

  18. Kathleen

    I too amold enough to be Jacoby’s mother. He is the son I never had. He is adorable. I hope he stay. witch Boston. Kelsey is a very pretty young lady. To ll of you girls with big egos, he is a married man. Don’t try to sabotage their marriage with your foolish comments. She has enough stress on her with the visibility being married to Jacoby brings, Give the couple a break.

  19. Steve K

    From Dine Nation, Come visit Navajo Land, show us the Mrs. Come visit our school system with the Mrs. Good Luck Mr. Navajo Nation

  20. debby

    I m glad for the two of u just found out LOOKING on the internet CONGRDULATNS

    I have jacoby’s career with the red sox bless you jacoby she’s beautiful . now I not going to fight anyone over u your just a great baseball player and I m glad that u are indina god bless you and kelsey

  21. ddaydick

    Been a Red Sox fan for 60 years. Broke my heart when Johnny D forsook Boston for the Bronx Zoo. Now Jacoby breaks it again. It’s all about money. There is no loyalty. Hope your best baseball years are behind you. All that said, they are a handsome couple.

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