Ian Kinsler’s wife Tess Kinsler


  1. Macy

    Some of y’all are SO rude! So maybe you love Ian or you’re a big fan of him, or you might think he’s cute, I get that, I love him too. But do ya’ll really have to say you hate Tess because he loves her? If you truly loved him you would LOVE her because HE loves her! ! But if you truly hate her, what did she ever do to you? I know you’re probably thinking well she married Ian Kinsler that’s what she did. Well honey I’ve got some news he doesn’t even know you! So back of of Tess and leave her alone! She is a beautiful woman who deserves someone as handsome and sweet as Ian!

  2. Katie

    You are a very lucky woman to have a great guy in your life. You better take care of him because he is my favorite player!! :) May you have many more happy years together :)

  3. go ian kinsler

    im the biggest fan of ian kinsler i go 2 alot of their games & i think that ian should deserve someone better someone that he will always love 4evs bt bye i hope ian sees this

  4. Cindy Bellmire

    I can’t believe there is soooo much jealousy amongst Ian’s fans. Tess is a beautiful woman, the mother of his child and she must be a faithful Kinsler/Rangers fan to be able to endure the long road trips out of town and weariness from playing game after game, day after day of the long grueling season.
    The Rangers are blessed to have Ian’s talent at second base and he is equally blessed to have a wife who stands behind him. I hope Tess goes to some of the great places the team travels to. What a way to see the country!

  5. Jay Bakay

    I was hoping that you could help me with my Athletic pubalgia. I understand that Ian had laser and electreo-acuscope with electre-myopulse. I have had enough surgeies so far and I am looking for another treatment. Can you respond to me if the treatment worked for Ian. I am currently doing electreo-acuscope and electre-myopulse for my broken neck and lower back problems.
    Thank you
    Jay Bakay

  6. Paige

    I am definitely jealous I won’t even lie, I know Ian doesn’t & will never know of my existence but he’s physically my dream guy. So yeah Tess is the luckiest girl, she has the hottest husband you can get!

  7. Veronica

    The CUTEST Kinsler I know is my granddaughter! KINSLER AMELIA and she’s 2!
    Wish I could post a pic cuz she is a doll!!

  8. loveian100

    I love the kinslers though I have never met them they seem great. Ian if you see this I enjoy it when you get on base because wether you know it or not, you shake your butt a lot and I sleep in peace that night. I am very sorry Tess but it is true and you know it too.

  9. loveian100

    Tess could you please tell your husband that he would be a lot hotter if he shaved more often. BY THE WAY I love the name Riann she is beautiful

  10. Deanna

    SO grateful to have Ian on the Tigers now. He’s a great player and he’s already saved the Tigers butt a few times. Don’t worry Texas, we’ll take good care of him. You guys enjoy Prince Fielder. He’s got some baggage but he’s a pretty good player.

    Tess is gorgeous and I’m very happy for her and Ian. They have two beautiful children and she is very pretty. She’s a very lucky woman to have a guy like Ian, and I wish them the best. (But I wonder how she copes with so many people fangirling over her husband all the time. I am guilty as charged lol.)

  11. LeeAnn

    I remember meeting Ian one night in the summer of 06’ when the Rangers played the Tigers in Detroit. I worked downtown and ran into some of the players. He was a sweetheart and a gentleman. D.Murphy then played on the Rangers also. He is the cousin of a good friend of mine. Good times!

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