Dustin Pedroia’s Wife Kelli Pedroia


  1. Katie Courage

    Hi Kelli Pedroia, i was just wondering if your birthday is close to my birthday which is July 22 1987

  2. Riley

    God I hate the Red Sox and their stupid ass Red Sox naiton. After winning two World Series last decade, the whole damn northeast acts like they are the greatest team to walk the Earth. And ESPN is infested with Red Sox fans. That’s why you see so many commercials of theirs which include Red Sox players. Buck Showalter is so right, I would love to see Theo Epstein build a championship team with the spending amount of the Pirates. Lets bring back the curse of the Babe please.

  3. Debbie

    I am a big Red Sox fan and A Pedroia fan, thanks for all the help with the Jimmy fund and charity work you do. GO RED SOX

  4. Taylor

    Hello you two make a wonderful couple as husband and wife and that’s awesome he has to boys to pass down his legacy too. My son is 6 he plays baseball and he LOVES LOVES LOVES Dustin Pedroia! Oh I hope I can bring him to a game one day and he is able to catch a ball from Dustin! My son would live to bat a few balls with him I’m not sure if players do stuff like that with kids but if so maybe you can email me or whoever reads these and let me know. Because my son is so good at only six but he says I will never be as good as Dustin Pedroia and I have hope that if he sticks with it he will be! And it would be cool for him to hear that from Dustin. So if there is any info on this I would love to know! Thanks and god bless you and your family!

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