David Ortiz’ Wife Tiffany Ortiz


  1. Lorenzo

    I knew tiffany back in 90s. What a sweet person. Caring, loving and always looking out for friends. This Anthony guy or whatever your name is, you apparently don’t know her. What ever you think she is, you are wrong. David Ortiz is the lucky one in that relationship.

  2. Erik

    Anthony is just an angry white man who cant stand to see a sexy White woman with a Black/Hispanic man. I am a bald good looking Black man who dates sexy white women and I get haters like him all the time, what a pathetic loser lol

  3. Randy

    First off Erik david Ortiz is not black he is 100% Dominican aka hispanic not black, most Dominicans in the Dominican Republic people are dark skin. And second his wife is not that good looking she’s alright to me.

  4. Um...

    Randy….how do you think he got that way? A tan? Or maybe he’s of African descent? Like the Black people also in America? He’s Black, of Hispanic origin. He a brotha, el hombre, whatever, no importa.

  5. Roman

    You are always going to have people making derogatory comments. I think some just like to see if they can get a reaction out of you. I’m a Yankees fan but I do like “Big Papi”. He is black but of Latin origin. I am black and my origin is from Puerto Rico.

  6. Keepin it real

    Big papi is a class act gentleman and his wife is a beautiful classy woman. They do a lot of nice things for charities. We’re all gods people!

  7. canuck white and proud

    i like papi as a ball player i always thought he was great guy but i am rethinking that and i also have no respect for a white woman who degrades her race by marrying a black person . there is only so much a decent woman will do for money

  8. franklin

    @canuck u are racist he’s dark sking and 100% dominican and what’s the problem that she’s dating a dark skin man

  9. Diamon Dave

    She didn’t marry him for his looks- that’s for sure. He is one ugly Mo-Fo. She’s no Catalina Otalvaro, but I hope the kids got her looks.
    Papi is hispanic, but looks like a brother. It all goes back to the slave trading days.

  10. Steve

    He’s a good guy, with a big heart, a big swing, and a great outlook on life. She’s pretty and kind, not the bimbo kind of blonde most ballplayers go for…together, they do lots for charities and they’re part of what makes Boston a terrific place to be. Why even worry about black/brown/purple/white?

  11. michael

    some people are looking for anything wrong on other people, and don’t see their own problem, those guys met when he was a single-a player that means he had not money at that time., the guy who say she was behind him because of the money, is talking about bull shit., many white woman are married whith many diferent ethnisity man because they are so lovely., antony and canuk white you sting like you shhh.

  12. elnora

    Who cares about David Ortiz and his white girl? I think it’s all about the money he makes. I suggest you get your facts straight. David Ortiz is a black dominican that’s all he looks like. If he was of brown hispanic descent, (like the actor Andy Garcia) then he wouldnt look black. The black people who hale from the Dominican Republic are really of Haitian descent because Haiti is close to the Dominican Republic. There is also a lot of mix racing, so if one of your parents is of black descent that makes the individual black regardless of what the United States Census says.

  13. MEL

    they been together since he was in the minors,so she’s not looking for money.good for them whatever he’s made, good for them.

  14. Jim

    @Randy – You’re very ignorant. David Ortiz is a black men who happens to be Dominican. Saying he’s not black is like saying Barry Bonds is not black because he’s American (US citizen). Hispanic is not a race, it is a ethnicity that is made up of different races such as white, black, Asian, Native American and multiracial. Dominican is also not a race, it is a nationality. Dominicans comes in all races. You need to educate yourself before making stupid comments.

  15. tc

    Maybe Anthony wants to be in place of Tiffany after all David Ortiz is a rich man
    and it is probably not about race as if he is Dominican from the Dominican
    Republic, he probably, even as dark as he is, does not recognize that he is
    Black or avoid such.

    top or bottom?

  16. Trey

    Ok what a coincidence she got her ten years in and now they are divorcing. Thanks to the archaic divorce laws, she’ll get half. Gold digging trailer trash wh*re.

  17. Julie

    Tiffany is a beautiful girl who fell in love with David Ortiz before he had any money. We do not have all the facts. I love them both equally. Each of them has made Dave into everyone’s Big Pappy.

  18. Linton

    So sorry that David Ortiz is getting divorced. So sad for the children ! Does anybody know why they are divorcing ?

  19. jojo

    you guys who are saying racist stuff go kick some rocks and tiffany is beautiful she is an american girl not trailer trash very far from it

  20. Anonymous

    In century 21. I did not stil a lot of stupid racist people in United stated. He is negro but that not mean he’s not a humana been, balsas de estupidos. David Ortiz is a great human, don’t be silly gringo jerk. he’s a great person the color don’t matter. Balsas de estupido el es Dominicano y buena gente. Gringos estupidos racistas.

  21. Maria Familia

    David private life, respect gringos racists. He is a good person is not a problem to be black you don’t go nowhere with color stupid. Don’t be racists. He is a great human. “dth1980 you are sick, stupid and racists brother maybe you are negro too. Why she never should married him, Why? you said that, because the color that mean nothing. Stupids ignorants.

  22. Luke

    She found out he was on the juice, you know steroids, and his big papi shriveled into a little papi and she said “adios mi amigo.”

    It’s a shame how ‘Roids” shrink the family jewels. You have to feel bad for Tiffany —or any woman whose man gets on the steroid juice and just sit there and watch his testicles shrivel and his Johnson shrink.

    I wish them both well

  23. rm pires

    Good luck as you push on by yourself. You’ll be fine because women keep it real. Too bad our men make so much of their own problems. In this day and age, divorce is so common. I just hope that you and David continue to be good parents.

  24. norm

    Human beings disappointment me so much. When will we ever get to the point of just accepting people for who they are. Weather you are Black,White or Green, does it really matter? I am Black and I’m disappointed in my Black Brothers who are more racest than the people they attack. We are all different and people need to get a grip. As Rodney King said, Can’t we just all get along? I will add that White people frustrate me as well. Never has there been a race of people who are filled with such vile and anger toward minorities. They have a conqueror mentality which is misplaced in today’s society. I say to all of US……………What would GOD do regarding race relations?

  25. Josie Guerrero

    Dah, hispanics come in all colors even dark skin, good and bad people come in all races, and no one is above anyone!

  26. TLo8267

    If she does not want him anymore…..then I will gladly take him for me. I love me some dark , big husky man!
    Mmmmmmmmm good! Best of luck to both of them. Life goes on.

  27. maxvega @g mail .com

    toda esa gente no saven espresarse sigan sus vida y olvidense de los inorantes como pelotero eres lo mejor
    atenta mente max vega

  28. K RED

    Race is always an issue to people with small minds. America became rich through the transatlantic slave trade! Many slave owners have had biracial children and many racists don”t like it because miscegenation has flipped the script! To all that have a problem with race relations, its ok when the hunter has the gun but its a crime! If the rabbit has it!

  29. k m27

    You need to update the website with new pictures of Mrs. Ortiz. I recently (8/3/2014) attended a Sox/Yanks game in which Mrs. Ortiz (because they ARE NOT divorcing) sat behind me and not only is she beautiful (and looks a lot different now because she’s lost weight) she is a very nice and genuine person. Their son also sat with her and was very calm and respectful through out the game. As an Ortiz fan I was thrilled to interact briefly with someone close to him and found she is very down to earth.

  30. Anonymous

    All of yall are crazy get off of social media it’s bigger issues in the world then beenbin b these people buisness.

  31. Guest Star

    I guess kudos to this chick for hooking up with Dave prior to the big contract. We’re so accustomed to gold-diggers – especially when it comes to white women and athletes of color – that it’s almost impossible to believe two people of different races can get together for love. Again, anyone holding it down for a Single A/Double AA player deserves props.

  32. Alvin

    I’ve never know human beings of modern day could be so closed minded and racist. As if any of on earth are going to be better off in death than the other. Grow up get a life…live and embrace all the world has to offer. We’re all only simple peaces of hour glass flesh…but some of you want to waist your on ignorance knowing the answer to the truth is right in front of you. I’m a white male and I don’t give 2 craps about Big Papi life. Let that brother enjoy his life and wife but please get a life and mind your bees wax #losers

  33. Dee Lili

    Thank you Alvin. Why the so many people care about what Ortiz race is and what his wife looks like, and why are they together. People fall in love for many different reasons. All you negative racist MFs. Be concern with your on life, how small yours is when you don’t take steroids but just little anyway. Stop commenting on what’s in that men pants. You are probably one who can’t please your women so hating on someone else. Ignorant people, open your eyes interracial relationship did not just start last week. Get the fuck over it. Love whom you choose to love and damn what the next person thinks. You guys are just broke ass jealous racist. Pray for yourself as you hide behind words. Dee Lili.

  34. Big Papi

    Bunch of insecure white men.
    Dominican is s nationality. Not a fucking RACE!
    Plus, black men been slinging penis with white women back in Early parts of Europe before the Inquisition. Italians…mainly Italians KNOW what I’m talking about. They pretend like they don’t. Some are ashamed to admit…that their grandfather generations back looked like Wesley Snipes.

    Or some of you on your high horse call them monkeys. Haha some of you folks never fall short of amazing me. Certain White folks smh.

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