04/10/12 (Updated)

Ben Cherington's Wife Tyler Tumminia

04-10-2012: What better way to celebrate an 0-3 start to the Red Sox season than for the new GM, Ben Cherington, to marry his girlfriend Tyler Tumminia. The couple will apparently have a larger wedding in September. Why the two separate ceremonies? Well, Ben Cherington's wife Tyler Tumminia is reportedly pregnant with the couple's first child and will be welcoming him or her very soon - so it sounds like they likely wanted to tie the knot before the birth of their child.

We were originally tipped off about this rumored relationship by a reader just over a week ago. Ben Cherington is fiercely guarded about his personal life, so it wasn't a surprise for us to find nothing online about this relationship. However, in advance of tomorrow's announcement that Ben Cherington will be promoted to General Manager of the Boston Red Sox, we've gotten another tip from a different reader claiming the same thing. So while we have found nothing publicly to support this relationship, we've gotten a couple tips essentially saying the same thing.
Tyler is the product of a baseball bloodline. Her father, John Tumminia, has been a scout with the Chicago White Sox for over 30 years. The self described "New York girl," works as the VP of Marketing and Operations for Goldkang Group, where she has directly helped to launch and host "Be Your Own Fan." Tyler hosts a bi-weekly web based show for BYOF, where she travels to various locations to show the business side of sports. Episodes can be seen here.
If we get confirmation of the two being together (for example, if she's at tomorrow's presser), we'll be sure to keep you posted.

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9 Responses to “Ben Cherington's Wife Tyler Tumminia”

  1. Tracy

    Dude's pretty ugly, so she's not a bad catch for him. Seems like she's "working" her way up in her career, lol.

  2. Pd

    Lol. Maybe she should take some advice on Wendy Nix for her interviews. She's no Barbara Walters. When Cherington deals Ellsbury to the White Sox for nada, we'll know where the deal was really made!

  3. paul

    When they say believe half of what you see and none of what you hear , this saying came from all the other assholes in the word with some stupid comment about someone else and judgementle people who i would love to open there closet door to the world of there life , the truth about them ,they would clam up pretty dam fast, but they have no life of there own so they make up shit about outhers for attention just to take it off them, i would love to dig into their personal life, good luck to you and Ben, your a great couple and i can see your both in love. God bless

  4. paul

    Tracy? you a girl or a jellous guy with a bitch name! weres your pic dude!

  5. Aunt d

    Dear tyler im so happy for you mr b better treat u right lol god bless

  6. jjj

    looks like she is a decent person
    Not as ugly as Beyonce

  7. brad lafferty

    Congrats Ben, you married up. LOL

  8. paul

    Damm right he married up! Tyler is top high class and has a down to earth personality like any clean decent american girl with morals, not like most of the other girls out there,Ben is so down to earth also ! thats what makes them the perfect couple.This is one couple thats going to last a lifetime,PS. she has an over protective armed to the gills uncle.

  9. Tejay

    Paul, your grammar is as bad as your comments...stupifying, moronic, and, truly ridiculous.