Alex Cora’s Girlfriend & Ex-Wife


  1. Susan Vertefeuille

    I am disappointed I him and the team for disrespecting our president and making baseball political. I am so disappointed in the team I have always loved!!

  2. Rowena

    As a third generation Puerto Rican,
    an a Red Sox fan of 64 years, when I saw Ted Williams at Bronx Zoo I saw a team that I will cheer for. I studied in New England and worked in Boston, never missed a game. I moved to .CA. Now I reside in WA state..I am still a RS fan. 2004 when I told my college roommate “The RS are going to win we didn’t get Alec Rodriguez the Jinx. The rest is history. Proud of the Criollo, until he refuse to go to the WH, I said transference the RS are going to have a tough time. Then he got involved with the Socialist politics of PR. He is a baseball manager not a politician. I am still a RS fan but lost respect for their manager. He didn’t focus in the game and he made stupid decisions.

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