Nick Markakis’ wife Christina Markakis


  1. ZB

    FAU is renowned for their stellar Trophy Wife program. Looks like Mrs. Markakis didn’t exactly pass with flying colors!

  2. O's Fan

    I think Christina Markakis is beautiful!! She’s not fake looking like alot of baseball wives. Her and Nick make a gorgeous couple!!! She looks to be of Greek heritage, like Nick. Lovely Lady!!

  3. Kimberly Joseph

    Christina is indeed beautiful and is a wonderful person. She is not Greek, although her husband is. Her parental ancestry is a mix of various countries of both Eastern and Western Europe. No, Nick did not file for divorce and Yes, they just had their third son.

  4. Tipsy McStagger

    Check the Maryland Judiciary website. They did indeed divorce. Did they remarry? That, I don’t know.

  5. Anonymous

    Actually, if you pay attention it says Nicholas JOHN Markakis and CHRISTINE Markakis. His middle name is William, and her name is Christina. They’re still together.

  6. Land Attorney in MD

    Anon is 100% correct. I was a bit surprised to find this rumor, but this board and Nick’s wikipedia page were the only mentions. Both referenced the MD Judiciary case search, which is limited. The info below is from the Land Records of Baltimore County, which can be inspected at the Baltimore County Circuit Court.

    Nicholas W. Markakis, aka Nicolas W. Markakis, and Christina K Markakis are listed in the land records of Maryland and associated with a Baltimore County property in Hereford. It’s 1.72 acres and sold for $750,000 in the spring of 2008.

    Meanwhile, Nicholas J Markakis and Christine M Markakis, the individuals who are listed in the divorce, each own separate homes in Baltimore County. She’s in Dundalk, he’s in Essex. Her house was purchased in 2005 for $135,000 and was transferred from Nicholas J. to her for $0 in 2009. Nicholas bought his for $209,000 in 2010.

    A little bit of public info can be a dangerous thing – hopefully the additional info above makes it clear that Baltimore Orioles Nick Markakis has not been the subject of any divorce proceedings smd there’s no indication that he’s ever lived in Essex.

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