Matt Wieters’ wife Maria Wieters


  1. Auth

    Bill,Thanks for the comment.I like SI a lot, and I laergly agree with their assessment. I just don’t think the cupboard is as bare as they suggest. That is cool what you mentioned about Wieters, but it adds to my surprise that he didn’t warrant a mention this time around.-Matt

  2. janet kirk

    My husband (aged 74) and I (aged 71) were driving from Pinecrest,CA to Modesto (my hometown) when a motorcyclist merged onto HWY 108. It was a small cycle. I moved into the passing lane and gave him plenty of room. He started flashing his lights so I pulled over. His outrage at me for passing him was unbelievable. He started swearing at me, kicking the tires; my husband a Vietnam war vet said “Let it go”

    I don’t know the details of your accident. But savvy cyclists know they are at a disadvantage; the ones who are irresponsible are vulnerable to their own mistakes.

    Janet Kirk

    I like your charitable efforts for abused animals!

  3. Dave Delp

    Hi, I help out with the Chesapeake Feline Association and I was wondering if there is any way that I could get the Orioles wives to help support our non profit organization. Check out our website, we are located in Cecil County,Md.Thank you for taking the time to read this,Dave Delp

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