Chris Davis’ wife Jill Davis


  1. Rachel kalatzis

    Dear Jill
    My name is Rachel Kalatzis and I compete in special Olympics Maryland and have a boyfriend that also competes. His name is sean Taneyhill. I am a big fan of Chris and wrote him a letter. Hope he gets it soon. I mailed it to the orioles and hope to meet Him one day. Please write me back. Rachel

  2. jeff felts

    Ms. Davis,

    My 11 year old daughter Lilly is in love with husband,Chris. She can’t wait to see him bat during a game. She loves wearing his jersey. I’m hoping some day she will be able to meet him in person. It would be a dream come true. I wish you both well and for Chris to have a healthy and sucessful career

  3. Madison

    Hi Jill, I’m sure you get a crazy amount of letters and emails, but me and my boyfriend are huge Orioles fans and we have been to so many games. We are about to go away on a missions trip and I would love to meet any of the orioles players, but especially your husband before we leave. Besides the fact of how good he is doing, he sets such a good example unlike a lot of athletes. I’ve tried so much to get in touch to meet him but nothing has worked. We live an hour away from Baltimore and go to so many games and it would be a dream come true. I would appreciate it so much if you could email me and help me out. Thank you.

  4. Laurie Schulman

    My family met Chris last spring at spring training. We were visiting on a trip from Casey Cares. My daughter has a seizure disorder and is mentally delayed, Chris took one look at her and said you look like you could use a hug. She is a hugger and that made her day. He showed us he has a big heart. You are one lucky lady. God blesses special people.

  5. Mark

    Dear Jill
    I delivered an invatation to my sons wedding for you and Chris to the Orioles Office. My son and his future wife are hugh orioles fans and have selected 10/13/19 for their wedding date. We have invited Adam Jones(#10) Manny Machado (#13) and Chris Dvaid (#19). Please note the date I know there was no chance at seeing any of the orioles at the wedding but was hoping that they would at least get an r.s.v.p. saying sorry we would be able to attend signed by each. May god continue to bless you and your family. Thank You Mark

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