Adam Jones wife Audie Jones


  1. Mark

    Dear Audie
    I delivered an invatation to my sons wedding for you and Adam to the Orioles Office. My son and his future wife are hugh orioles fans and have selected 10/13/19 for their wedding date. We have invited Adam Jones(#10) Manny Machado (#13) and Chris Dvaid (#19). Please note the date I know there was no chance at seeing any of the orioles at the wedding but was hoping that they would at least get an r.s.v.p. saying sorry we would be able to attend signed by each. May god continue to bless you and your family. Thank You Mark

  2. Cheryl

    Interesting how Adam Jones and his MLB money turned Audie Fugett straight because she was an openly out and proud lesbian in High School and at George Washington U. She got plenty of girls too being such a beautiful and well-known basketball player.

    Audie comes from big money with her father Jean being a former NFL player and big time corporate lawyer. Her uncle, the late Reginald Lewis, was the richest black man in America and among the Forbes 400 worth about half a billion upon his death. So we know Audie loves having financial means, and Adam will help her continue on living the good life. But knowing Audie, she’s always going to have some girls on the side. I guess Adam is an open minded guy, more power to him.

  3. Shelia Greene

    I’m a huge Orioles fan! Adam is an awesome young man. Congratulations on your engagement! Smooches to you both! :)

  4. Casey

    Audie, I hope you get yourself established instead of always folliwing Adam around. Have you even started on your career yet? You need to do it for you. I see from the Golden Gloves Award you guys are expecting since his mother is really saying to people she doesn’t care for you. But now she has to suck it up because now your having his baby your not going anywhere. All I can say is keep doing you and follow your own dream. Make a name for yourself and not someone elses like it’s been.

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