Justin Upton’s girlfriend Ashley Borror


  1. Elvin

    What’s up justin..i commend your girl on hanging in their through your grind and I encourage her to bring a family member down to arizona to keep her “entertained”. Family will keep everything in perspective for her. I went through the same thing when I was in the Army, only difference was that she could’nt come with me on the road at all. i’m from Norfolk, Va. and I went Booker T. Washington and I know you went to Great Bridge. I’m proud of you and BJ, you both are representing the 757 very well. Tell your girl to hang in there because it can only get better. Take care

  2. Anita

    Going to Norfolk state university with your parents I follow you a lot. You can say Norfolk is is my second home. You have made your patents as well as your uncle “bill and Aunty very proud. Keep up the good work and wear your girlfriend proud!!! Your parents friend from New York I hope when you guys are here in New York I get a chance to see you play. Represent great bridge and Chesapeake very well

  3. Tami

    Wow here we are 2014 and all some backward loser can sY is stY with ur own kind. ??????
    I’m just sick by that ignorant comment! Justin ur talent is beyond words and I’m truly proud of u and ur faith and knowing UR KIND IS ANYONE THAT GOD HAS CREATED…. only one race and it’s the HUMAN RACE!!!
    Keep doing u Jason and Miss Ashley is beautiful and no doubt very strong and dedicated!
    Blessings my friend

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