Freddie Freeman’s girlfriend Chelsea Goff


  1. Anonymous

    I would hope most people would explore the wide world of dating as opposed to being stuck with someone you went to high school with.

  2. Proper source

    I went to college with her, she’s always been a sweetheart. I know they met when she was in school at UCF. She deserves a great guy, so I’m glad they are happy!

  3. Cindy

    I think she’s adorable & they make a cute couple. I agree with exploring what else the world has to offer instead of just staying with someone you went to high school with. I wish these two the best of luck!!

  4. Judith Williams

    I’m so happy for them both! I would have rather it been one of my beautiful daughters (grins) but they look happy and she’s very pretty. We are big Freddie fans in this house, so she’d best be good to him! ;) I have a feeling he is already very good to her! Good luck you two lovebirds!

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