Dan Uggla’s wife Janette Uggla


  1. Thomas Fussell

    This is sad. But Uggla has been with many women since he was married. Because he’s ugly and has always wanted to feel handsome

  2. bobby bob

    Have known Daniel since a little kid he’s a very stand up guy comes from a good family in columbia was a great soccer player good kid

  3. gayle

    very disappointed at your ex husband. had alot of respect for him when he played with fla marlins. hated him for that. disappointed he could not produce like he did here with the braves.i’m also disappointed in him with his bad behavior with other women .it will at some point cost him. don’t he get that.

  4. candace lovelaace

    Read that your wedding would be published in a magazine. Which issue and what magazine exactly.

    Thank you

  5. Myron Guyten

    I think Jim Grdina is destroying BiBi Jones box currently…lol…I know they have an infant together!

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