Chipper Jones’ girlfriend Playmate Taylor Higgins, ex-wife Karin Fulford and ex-wife Sharon Logonov


  1. T

    Current wife is no lady not even a woman – the maturity of a 2 year old if that – big downgrade! Saw her at a nice steakhouse I’ve seen 2 years old behave better. She was so loud and out of control it was a real damper on my meal.

  2. T

    Sharon is very immature. Acted like a 2 year old in a nice steakhouse – definite damper on my meal. Wanted the waiter to salivate over her – amazing how loud and immature and a fake person she is. First wife looks real. She reminded me of someone you’d see on a skanky housewives show.

  3. Lane

    It’s not really for y’all to judge anyway. Sharon has super qualities when she chooses to share them, obviously she didn’t find you worthy of those… I knew Sharon pretty well, and her heart was golden. If she was riled up, kind of loud, speaking her mind, and her manners did not meet your expectations, then I would hardly consider that being fake.

    Please, please, please think about how these comments would make you feel if this was the woman you fell in love with. Sharon may not be your best match, but she is Chipper’s choice, so please respect that.
    Thank you, kindly.

  4. Dot

    Please be able to forgive, I’m a grandmother and seen a lot of mistakes, made by young married couples. I Sincerely Pray that Chipper has all his flings behind him, and will be the father to his 4 boys he should be. And faithful to his wife and himself. I’ve watched him play ball ever since he started, he seems like a grandson. Keep you faith Chipper. Don’t hurt your image and family again. Knees are also made for kneeling and praying. Love.

  5. Nick

    No one ever said that Chipper Jones is the sharpest tack on the board. Great bakl player . With some people, it Don’tv take much to please em. Thats where Chipper falls in.

  6. Noelle Frahm

    I worked for Chipper and Sharon and lived with them in their Mansion! They are both super nice and down to Earth! They never talked about Baseball or The Fame! They are a normal family with a famous father. Sharon doesn’t lead a glamorous Life at all. She is very down to Earth and Real!

  7. Debra S Anderson

    I’ve seen Chipper many times in Philadelphia and Atlanta over the years and he is my favorite baseball player period. Ilove him!

  8. real

    I know them both personally. Sharon is a great woman. Very shy to herself and once you get to know her. She will do anything for you. Chipper is a good guy. They are both down to earth people, they both need some support conceling, but when you lead a lifestyle of fame I am sure it is hard for some of the tempetation that are through at you. Respect your family and yourself and you will be worth more than money can buy.

  9. Cindy

    Well, I’ve been a huge Chipper Jones fan for years. I remember when I was in middle school myself and some friends had a “CHIPPER JONES fan Club.” Whatever happened in his personal life doesn’t describe him as a ballplayer. Too many times we as fans forget that these guys are still humans. Should he have done things a little different, sure, but it happens. Never met Chipper or his wife, but I wish everyone the best!

  10. Ginni in the South

    Oh please…if Southerners practiced what preached, your lives would be a lot simpler.
    Instead, you try to impress by being passive aggressive.

    In NY, you would be taken out in the parking lot and your ass would be kicked..
    Down in the south, they preach “God”…please..

  11. Neck Snappa

    Ginni, in the south you wouldn’t get “Oh please” out of your mouth before you would get jaw jacked and that’s not place for a northern!

  12. MeMe

    I was just trying to find out if Chipper is crrently divorced. I was suprised that his wife was not part of his retirement celebration. Two of his sons were there and he said the other two couldn’t come but he did not mention his wife. Does he include his first son in all the celebrations in his career. I understand he supports him, but does he make him part of his life?

  13. ChipperFan

    Chipper mentioned during the retirement celebration that his sons Matthew and Trey were under the weather and that’s why they weren’t there. From what I’ve read he is now divorced (or in the process of divorcing) from his wife Sharon. There have been many mentions of his new house, which I’m guessing he bought to live in on his own after moving out from his and Sharon’s house.

  14. Karen

    I guess all of you are saints if he were not CHIPPER JONES you would have nothing to say have any of you ever been out on the road for long periods of time with no one to hold you?? Of course not so why are we judging Chipper?? I went to school with him he has not changed at all still the down to earth give you the shirt off of his back kinda guy. So stop degrading what he has done are we all free from sin here?? Think about it

  15. Tom

    Well, Chipper has been my sons idol since he was 8 years old. Putting that
    aside…I recommend the following for Chipper….he has his 4 sons….he’s
    probably paid lots of money out to the ex wives….to protect himself financially
    and emotionally I recommend he have a vasectomy and any future prospects who
    want to marry him make them sign the prenupt.

  16. Mzchipper504

    Lol at Ginni!! Silly girl!!lol u know a southern ass whooping holds no candle to any other beat down in the world! bish be for real!! Stop hating woman!!! It is what it is!!!

  17. Rhody fowler Gilbert

    I wish people wouldn’t bad mouth Sharon, because no ones knows what happens behind there closed doors…Sharon is a very down to earth person and she doesn’t have a mean bone in her body…I’ve known her for over 20+ years, so unless you know her than don’t judge her….

  18. John

    Correction: Taylor Higgins POSED for Playboy. She was NEVER a Playmate – only the woman in the middle of the printed issue is a Playmate. Please change it to be more correct. She is a “Playboy Model” – NOT a Playmate

  19. Chris

    Wow. Hate the game…don’t hate the player.

    Chipper was one of the best BB Rock Stars – ever!

    It will be interesting to see what he does in the future…now that he’s lost his 2nd wife.

    Living in that mansion for over 10 years…and then having to move out – – then not going to work…hanging out with a Playboy Bunny…he may as well move out to Los Angeles…and be a lost angel…

    At any rate…I agree with another poster…seems all that money (I think Chipper was worth over 120,000,000) could not buy happiness….or contentment.

    I’m a “Thousandaire” myself – – still married to the same beautiful woman I met 20 years ago…guess all that money is a curse more so than a blessing…

  20. Brooke

    who honestly cares what does go on in his personal life, yes he is a star one of the best in my view of this era. Im not just saying this because i am a fan of his but because hes proved that to us over and over. How does anyone know for sure that a prenup wasnt signed before they got married we dont star or not someone cant be expected to stay in an unhappy realtionship

  21. randr31

    It’s amazing to see all the excuses made for a famous guy who cheats. Many celebrities don’t even stay within their age range so are often cheating with women who likely would not be interested in them without the fame and money.
    But when a good-looking non famous guy cheats, there are never any excuses made for him despite all the ‘temptations’ that surround him. He simply gets labeled a worthless dog…

  22. vinny

    Except she IS NOT a Playmate. Morons. She might of posed for Playboy..but she sure as hell isn’t a Playmate.

  23. Pam

    I love chipper as my favorite player. I don’t really care about his personal life. I think he married wrong wives and the marriage could not possibly last to the end. Take a look at his entire career. I believe he wasn’t paying enough attention to those personal life. The way Sharon made herself important in his retirement year. It had to be all about her. Also, she probably wanted to embarrass him. Even I know this man is not embarrassed by much. All she did was show him how vindictive and petty she handled the divorce. Since you know her so well please ask her why she made this big spectacle during his retirement. So now during his memories of his retirement year it will include her drama.

  24. Mother of 3 from Macon, Ga

    God bless you Chipper in retirement and as you take those first unknown steps! My husband and children have been fans from the first day you played in Macon, GA to watching you in the Braves Stadium during your retirement celebration?

    Good luck, looking forward to seeing your sons, “play ball”. :)

  25. Clingmans Dome Ranger

    I met Chipper, his daughter, and his girlfriend while working on Clingmans Dome October 2013. They were the first people on the mountain that morning. I did not let on that I knew who he was. Very quiet family. Low key. He wouldn’t buy his daughter a trail bar. I don’t blame him. They’re not that great. I wish I would’ve spoken up or gotten a picture. His girlfriend was quiet and smiled a lot. Just a regular down to earth family out for a beautiful Fall hike in the Smokies.

  26. L J C

    Ginni from the south is right! In the Bronx NY talk nonsense ay Yankee Stadium and you will get a beating fer sure……

  27. braves suck

    jones himself is a prick,,who cares who he screws with ,,,dont care if he had std…to bad he did burn up in fire his dumb ass started

  28. Elijah butler

    I don’t care who he married he was the best baseball player any of us will ever see. Thanks chipper!! #10

  29. BravesChick

    At least 2 things are clear from these post Ginni has never been in a fight with a Southern Chick and Braves suck must be a Mets fan that saw Chipper dominate at Shea over and over again. As far as who Chipper is sleeping with or married to I really dont care I never look at my favorite athletes as models for how I should or should not live my life and others shouldnt either. Good luck to Chipper and any future girlfriends/wives and children. :)

  30. Marjorie Winsted

    I just found out about all of this. I have a color newspaper picture of him cut out of him somewhere; when I find it, it will be history.

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