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BJ Upton's girlfriend Stefanie Bernett



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I'm still torn on B.J. Upton.

On one hand the kid is uber talented. He, along with his brother Justin, are the definition of 5 tool players. They are both the type of player whose talent every Major League team drools over building a team around. Yet something with B.J. doesn't pass the smell test for me [editor's note: could it be his highest batting average since 09 clocking in at .246 or an OBP hovering between .290 and .330? Or how about his WAR maxing out in the mid 2's and he just got a $75M+ contract. Those fail my smell test.] Maybe he'll change everyone's opinion now that B.J. has left the minor leagues in Tampa and moved to the Atlanta Braves (and there are very, very few teams that could call Atlanta a step up, but Tampa would definitely fit in that category).

Here is another item I'm not totally sold on yet, B.J.'s girlfriend Stefanie Bernett. To start information and more importantly pictures of Stefanie are extremely scarce. The one set of pictures we have come from the Rays fashion show and Stefanie is totally giving off that 70's vibe. If that was the intended theme of the event, that wasn't made clear in any publication I saw. I'd also like to know what the hell is she wearing on her head. I'm looking at Stefanie and saying to myself cute but I don't see this being the type of girl B.J. would go for. Granted I've never met B.J. and have no idea what his likes/dislikes in women are but something again doesn't pass the smell test on this one.

B.J. does have a child, Riley, who was born in May of 2010. We can't confirm if Stefanie is the mother of Riley, but maybe with all the fluff pieces that are about to come out in Atlanta about B.J. we will eventually get a little more info on the relationship.

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  1. nood

    upton boysare bums and white wives are scum

  2. noob

    Atlanta isn't that much of a step up? Lets see. NL east winner and in the playoffs. Second seed in the NL. I feel like you may not know that much about baseball bro.

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