Kevin Nash's wife Tamara Nash

Kevin Nash is a famous professional wrestler who has had multiple runs in TNA wrestling, the WCW and the WWF/WWE. In January of 2011 Nash made a triumphant return to the WWE Royal Rumble under the name Diesel for the first time since 1996. He was the 32nd wrestler to enter the Royal Rumble and was eliminated by Wade Barrett. It was a massive surprise that nobody saw coming. After this Pay-Per-View event ended it was announced that Nash had signed a 5 year contract with the WWE.

Kevin Nash married Tamara were married in 1987, but the two were separated in 2000. Soon after their separation they reunited and have been together ever since. They currently live in Daytona Florida together. Our best internet sleuthing skills pulled up nothing for pictures of Tamara with Kevin Nash. However there is a realty agent in Daytona named Tamara Nash. Could it be her? I took her two profile pics for you to be the judge. Also her profile states: "Mom and Wife-Looking for the best ways to stay healthy and fit in a stressful World, using natural products and ideas." Its definitely her. At least I think so. Thinking of moving to Daytona? Look up Tamara Nash....she'll help you buy a house.

Nash was the "Super Shredder" character in the movie Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2. Although his part was about 30 seconds long and you couldn't see his face under the mask... it was one of the strongest acting performances of all time, and I thought he did a great job.

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6 Responses to “Kevin Nash's wife Tamara Nash”

  1. dec

    Recently saw Kev in a recent WWE PPV...hopefully, it was his last match. Good god, the guy could barely move. His knees are shot to hell.

  2. Krystal Vander Vliet

    Hi Tamara, i just saw magic mike. I coulddn't believe i saw kevin there. I had to look it up to check for sure. thats when i came across your site. I was your neighbor when you guys lived in Goodyear, AZ. I remember it to be a fun time. How things have changed. I lost track of you guys when you moved to florida. How things change. Hope you are doing well. Krystal

  3. Barb Hill

    HI Tamara,
    Barb the Doula from birth in Good Year, Az here. Angie called me to say that she had seen Kevin in a movie with Krystal. I have gotten married since the last time you were out here in San Francisco many years ago. I would love to hear from you and all about Family. It looks like you are still in Daytona Beach. If you want to reconnect send me an email and I will send you my information. ALso I am on Facebook so you can friend me there as well if you are on . I smiled just thinking about all the times all of us spent together in Az. Say hi to Kevin for me .
    Hope to hear from you,


  4. MO MUNY

    good god you got a nice set of boobs....no wonder kevin married u....

  5. cynthia resendez

    Im kevin nash is biggest fan are you still married to Kevin nash why isn't he still wreastling any more when he wrestled i watch all the time you are very beautyful tamara Nash ok.

  6. noveen akhtar

    hi,u are indeed very lucky.Hope to see more pics of u and kevin together.l am a very big fan of kevin.