07/30/12 (Updated)

Yohan Blake's girlfriend and future career aspirations

We’ll be upfront on this one – Yohan Blake does not appear to have a girlfriend currently. And who could blame him? After besting the fastest man in the world, Usain Bolt, not once but twice in the Jamaican Olympic trials, he has a lot to focus on next month. He will be a frontrunner to win medals in the 100m and 200m sprints. But all that’s not to say he isn’t interested in women…

Prior to the 2008 Olympics, Blake was discussing his plans once he retired from running. In a moment that went surprisingly unnoticed, Blake indicated that he wanted to become a gynecologist. Why you ask? The female body is “fascinating” is why. Of course we’re a big fan of women and their bodies of work (awful pun intended), but that’s taking admiration to a whole new level.

There’s also no documented dating history for Blake, but he’s definitely had his chances. In 2007 he broke the Jamaican Junior record for the 100m and all hell broke lose. Blake was getting calls at all hours of the day from women, most of which he had never met let alone given his number to.

Also noteworthy is that Blake consumes 16 bananas every day. This is part of his diet in an effort to replace potassium that he loses when practicing or racing. Given his career aspirations though, it just seems like a really odd choice.

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15 Responses to “Yohan Blake's girlfriend and future career aspirations”

  1. sandra

    Well if he wants a girlfriend then the right place to find one will be in Nigeria

  2. Bianca

    There is never smoke without fire.



  4. Love Doctor

    He can definitely come on over to the U.S. of A! I'll call our love story: The Beauty and The Beast! LOL!! He is FYNE!!

  5. celest

    well he can come right in grenada for one. caribbean meat

  6. Amber Fierce

    The best place to find a beautiful lady is in Africa. Please come to Africa Mr. Blake. You will find a fine woman who will take good care of you just like me.

    Well done on all your achievements and wish you all the best in the future.

    I just hope we will meet sometime soon.

  7. Venesha

    I know he should stick to his Jamaican beautiful women...there's so many all he has to do is make the right choice, not just for fame but for loyalty.

  8. JESS

    Well I agree with Amber Fierce. Africa is the place but I think its a bit creepy how everyone is so in love with blake yet we don't even know him and he does not know us

  9. Corinthia

    Blake doesn't have to go anywhere to find a girlfriend. When the Lord is ready for him he will send him a girlfriend. For now he needs to focus on his career. Becoming a gynecologist is a great idea and I think he should. Given that he is so motivated and he goes after his goals. I hope and pray someday that he will visit my beautiful country Dominica. I am fascinated with his running. I watched him run and just had goosebumps all over. He is a great athlete and should keep it up.

  10. Taitu

    Come to Kenya...

  11. kattesha williams

    Well he can come to st. vincent for one meat

  12. Eden

    Oh please ladies stop. He is mine and I am his so give up.

  13. Kim

    Well, plz if ur single den dont get swayed by da wind, instead go 4 ur targets and dreams first. U'll jst get one on the way. If she'll be pleasant 2 u den she'll be urs. Nyc tym.

  14. Roland

    I think he should meet a boyfriend. He will be happy for the rest of his life and he will be adored every day. So sorry that's such a big issue in Jamaica . . .
    BTW for women it is so important to understand thay are NOT the center of the world

  15. Alexis

    i think Yohan has a girlfriend. i use do run track. but i never had a girlfriend at that time. but after having a girlfriend i sustained a hamstring injury which eventually kept me out of track. so Yohan's hamstring injury is definitely a sign of him having a girlfriend