Usain Bolt’s girlfriend Mizicann Evans


  1. alana

    wow here I sit feeling he should have not let things go to his head and left his sweetheart behind. But I’m more shocked at the comments the women make of white women. Here in canada and the usa alot of white women won’t date black men because they jump around like bunnies in and out of one hole to the next. So use your head ladies it’s not the white womens fault it’s the black mans penis that took him in that direction! And put a leash on the ones you have cause they ain’t all innocent either!

  2. Tony

    Don’t be sad keep your head high what GOD has for u no one take it or him.Just trust in him.U are a very nice girl your mr wright is out there waiting for u.

  3. Dave

    Too bad, they look like a great couple. But they’re both really nice people, so I’m sure they’ll find great partners.

  4. Joan Legister

    All I have to say is Tiger Woods, Koby Byran and done even talk about OJ.
    I dont understand BLACK MEN in sports, why is it that the minute they start to make a bit of money BLACK WOMEN are not good for them any more.

  5. Anonymous

    The white trash has started to scandalize about your bedwork. Next she is going to take your money, leave you to go back to the country, take your nice house and leave you with a donkey. Son, be wise, stick to the evil you know. Nothing better than a blackJamaican lass. You had her in China, but you have a short memory. The white pussy is full of disease. I know them because for 50 years i have been taking care of them. They are just white trash, go back home boy, plenty nice young black girls are waiting for the chance to be with the greatest athlete. I love you still, but as a senior Jamaican citizen, I tell my son the same thing. Love.

  6. Anonymous

    He had a blonde with him in jam she was pretty wonder if that’s the new woman. She looked young. They were all smiles. New woman. Neva seen her before. She seemed nice.

  7. Marlene

    Beautiful Evans should be your choice, A lot of people who you meet after you become famous are not genuine. Evans will understand and appreciate your world and growth. You do not need to put on an act for her.Plenty blessings.

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