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As the US sets out to dominate the Summer Olympics in London, one person they will rely on in the pool is swimmer Ryan Lochte. But don’t expect to see any lady by his side as Lochte is currently flying solo.

After spending several years in the shadow of Michael Phelps, Lochte finally got over the hump by beating him in a 200m freestyle championship event last year. Since then, Lochte hasn’t looked back, continuing to best Phelps and obtain the coveted title of the world’s greatest swimmer.

Just following the 2008 Olympics, he was quoted as saying “Having a girlfriend right now would be out of the question." Lochte again confirmed his single status in a June 2012 article by ESPN. So it appears that he shall remain single for at least the immediate future, because the guy doesn’t want to contradict himself, right?

To be clear, Lochte hasn’t always taken the single approach. Back in early2008, he dated fellow swimmer Caroline Burckle. At the time, they were both up and coming swimmers. While Lochte is decidedly more blinged out with medals, Burckle still managed a bronze in Beijing. She retired from competitive swimming in 2010. The couple was rumored to have split up just before or possibly even during the Olympics.

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  1. Perry McGoughklin

    I can't believe it... I thought Ryan Lochte was my man !!!!!:( iluv him so much...<3 Ive meet him b4 at a dinner 4 a charity got his autograph pic and every thing I even got him to take a video saying perry McGoughklin is da best...then I got advice from him about swimming...I sware on my life this was true all thanks to my uncle Paul!!!!!!! Luv u uncle Paul...<3 4 all swimmers he said '' just keep ur head down streamline, and sprint the whole lap and u will succeed also just believe in ur self'' ... Everyone I sware to god this is all true...take what he said into mind peeps

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