07/29/12 (Updated)

Lindsay Whalen's husband Ben Greve

With all the focus of the Men’s basketball team during this Olympics, it would be easy to forget that the Women’s team is also competing. However, in terms of winning a gold medal, they have much better odds. I will completely admit to having no idea they have won the last 4 times. Spearheading their attack in London is point guard Lindsay Whalen.

While Lindsay is probably getting towards the end of her playing career (she is 30 years old), she recently led the Minnesota Lynx to the 2011 WNBA championship and was named the Finals MVP. She was originally drafted by the Connecticut Sun but was traded back to her home state of Minnesota in 2010. This is also where her husband Ben Greve hails from as well (and no, this isn't the same Ben Grieve who was a phenom rookie of the year for the Oakland A's in 1999, who crashed back to earth following a trade to Tampa Bay in 2001).

We’re unsure of when they actually met, but Whalen and Grieve married in October 2007 are being together for quite some time. Greve was a golf star at the University of Minnesota and when the couple relocated back to Minnesota, he became the assistant pro at Medinha. Considering that’s where the PGA has hosted several major events, we’re willing to bet he’s still pretty damn good at golf.

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4 Responses to “Lindsay Whalen's husband Ben Greve”

  1. USA Fan

    Correction! It's Greve, not Grieve!

  2. Correction

    Good course, but it's Medina. The majors were held at Medinah in Chicago.

  3. Lynx fan

    She wasn't the finals MVP in 2011 seimone was

  4. Lynnie Kern

    Lindsay Whalen is my idol.