03/04/14 (Updated)

Charlie White's Girlfriend Tanith Belbin

UPDATE: 03-04-2014: Charlie White has been announced as a contest on Dancing with the Stars. This means that we're likely going to be treated to more of Charlie White's Girlfriend Tanith Belbin, despite how the media will love to play up a potential love triangle with Charlie's dancing partner Sharna Burgess.

American Ice Dancer Charlie White has been professionally paired up with Meryl Davis since 1997 but recently it's a member of the competition who has skated her way into his life. Meet Charlie White's girlfriend Tanith Belbin.

Tanith is a Canadian ice dancer with dual citizenship who retired from competition in 2010. Tanith was described by Men's Health in 2010 as "America's Hottest Winter Olympian" and they weren't lying! Tanith is as beautiful as she is athletic... and believe me this girl can skate! In fact Tanith and Ben have won multiple national titles and boast a silver medal from the 2006 Olympics in Torino. Tanith is now working as a coach and choreographer, and will also be featured in a 30 minute show for NBC at Sochi.

As for her relationship with Charlie, according to People online this ice dancing duo has been sharing hotel rooms while on tour and "are affectionate in public." It is pretty safe to say that Charlie is smitten with his ice princess as he recently tweeted a picture of the couple embracing at the beach with the subtitle "look how lucky I am!" Yep... my thoughts exactly!

Although Charlie and Tanith will both be competing for the US this winter in Sochi, they will also be going head to head in the race for the gold. It can't be easy competing against your significant other, especially at such a high level, but these two seem to be able to put competition aside and enjoy their time together off the ice.

As a side note interestingly enough Tanith previously dated another notable American skater Evan Lysacek who has also dated Olympian Nastia Liukin and is now the live-in boyfriend of Vera Wang. Wow who knew the skating world could be so scandalous!!! Stay tuned for more skating gossip as the Olympics kicks off in February.

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5 Responses to “Charlie White's Girlfriend Tanith Belbin”

  1. berry

    Actually Tanith retired after the Vancouver Olympics in 2010. She is currently a commentator with Universal Sports and Icenetwork.

  2. jeff hull

    thanks for scating to my song i wrote in1991 bleeding love,thanks tanith and been it really ment alot to me thanks!!!!jeff hull

  3. Sam

    If she retired, how is she competing? Poorly written

  4. Brenda

    I thought that davis and white where together
    As in girlfriend and boyfriend

  5. Mary Camp

    I thought Charlie White and Tanith Belbin got married. Am I wrong? When will Charlie be skating again so I can watch him perform? Thanks.