12/07/11 (Updated)

Tyrann Mathieu's girlfriend Sydni Paige Russell

LSU's defensive star and Heisman candidate Tyrann Mathieu should expect to get his picture taken a lot this weekend,... only this time he can relax if he sees them show up on various websites.

Tyrann Mathieu has been dating Sydni Paige Russel for quite some time, which made the headlines that came out this week somewhat surprising. A notoriously salacious and at times comically absurd rumor monger of a website stated that they had naked pictures of Tyrann Mathieu. While they certainly provided some,... umm,... impressive graphic pictures of someone that sure looks like Mathieu, the veracity of the pictures was not initially confirmed. A second set of pictures were released a day later that have not been commented on.
While the authenticity of the pictures is in question, the larger issue to Tyrann and Sydni was the claim of the same website. The website claimed that the pictures were submitted by one of three women that Tyrann was running around with on the side of Sydni.
One problem with that? Sydni doesn't care for the accusation.
In a twittered barrage of tweeted awesomeness, Sydni strongly denies these allegations:
@SydniPaige_: So yeah if you seen the media take out stuff, them pictures are from HIGHSCHOOL. Of course someone would leak that stuff to be MESSY AF!

I'm DYING laughing !! LMFAO !! Like I can't stop smiling about this stuff lol . I'm so entertained (: lol

Cause when I'm telling you I'm with this boy 24/7, I'm w/ him before class, in between classes , b4 practice, after practice,at night...

...he couldn't even cheat if he WANTED to ! Lmao

Tyrann weighed in briefly on the matter at hand, laughing with some of the comments he was getting. His comments were brief and less direct:
@TM7Era I'm tired of entertaing y'all! Y'all hate for every reason!! & for the record them pics are high school old!! Get a grip

I still love my girlfriend!!!!!!

Tyrann and Sydni are oftentimes openly affectionate with one another on Twitter, so these should come as no surprise

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6 Responses to “Tyrann Mathieu's girlfriend Sydni Paige Russell”

  1. YesWeKnow

    Trust me... they haven't been together that long... Honey Badger better watch himself...

  2. XXXX....

    I agree totally with KI....like u really took all the words out of my mouth!!!

  3. M&a

    I think she dumped him a while ago in May!! Go look at her Tweets in May 27-June(present)

  4. Yarnell

    You look amazing my friend!!!!! Keep up the good look, eail me back I am in progress of putting together a reality show of how it really goes Southern Style and would love your input

  5. TRH

    Yeah she do sound dumb she clearly don't know what he's capable of/doing but they don't together no more. look on his Twitter and she talking about she with this boy 24/7, w/ him before class, in between classes , b4 practice, after practice, at night... Tf? stalking ain't cha!?

  6. Coach2u

    Tyrann and Syndicated, do y'all thing and continue to let the dumb ass haters hate. No matter what you try to do, the haters will come out and try to attack you. I bet some of these jump offs (females) were trying their dar nest to get on Team Tyrann and didn't get an invitation to tryout!!LMAO!!! Lil brotherstay focus and let your abilities speak for you on/off the field. Love ya and will be cheering for you guys!!!