03/19/15 (Updated)

Officially: Lucy Pinder is not Tim Tebow's girlfriend

Officially: Lucy Pinder is not Tim Tebow's girlfriend!  OK, let's get this out of the way now before every single girl at attending the University of Florida begins sobbing:  Based on our extensive research, it does not appear that Tim Tebow and Lucy Pinder are, or ever were engaged in a serious (or non-serious) romantic relationship of any kind at any time.

That said, there are a shitload of rumors to the contrary.

So why do these rumors exist exactly?  Please take note of the last picture in this post.  This girl apparently was Tebow's girlfriend at one point in the last year.  This picture spawned a firestorm of internet rumoring and gossip that he was dating British topless model Lucy Pinder, because of their similar "assets(?)."  "Qualifications?"  (for those not following, I'm suggesting the mix up occurred because they both have almost frighteningly enormous cans.)

No matter who Tim Tebow has or hasn't dated, this much we know:  The man has had sex with every girl on earth the exact same number of times:  zero.

The golden God of Florida football has openly and proudly admitted that he is still a virgin and intends to be one until the day he's married due to his devout Christian beliefs.  I really want to make an Erin Andrews+Tim Tebow+sexual tension on screen comment, but I'll pass due to the current EA controversy.  I'm a classy dude after all.

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2 Responses to “Officially: Lucy Pinder is not Tim Tebow's girlfriend”

  1. mike

    it's good to see to people from to walks of life put there diferents a side and not judgeing each other and hopefully get married and have a wonderfull family and a happy life together this will show hipcrites showing your body is not evel it's useing what god gave you and he saved him self for you is great i wood say this is a sign of a real man who has respect . good luck may god bles you allways

  2. Kim