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The strange story of Odell Beckham Jr's "fiance" Erica Mendez

UPDATE 05/20/2014: Well this is getting odd.

When we first published our story on Odell Beckham Jr's girlfriend, who turned into Odell Beckham Jr's fiance Erica Mendez, it came on the heels of an email from a person alleging to be a PR rep. The person indicated that there were wild rumors floating online about the couple (there are), and that they'd like to set the record straight with an interview. This certainly isn't unheard of, and we've seen it happen before. In fact, Beckham and Mendez allegedly took part in an interview to address previous rumors (which has since been removed from the original website). After replying to attempt to set this up, we got no response, but figured with the looming draft, there was plenty for Beckham to focus on.

Fast forward a couple weeks after the draft, and Radar Online published an incredibly detailed first person account from Erica Mendez regarding their relationship. The article includes many wild accusations around fidelity, threesome, strippers, gifts, and that they are still set to be married in a year.

Shortly after that article went viral, our inbox began flooding again with information causing us to look twice at our post to ensure accuracy. We checked other sources including much larger, more mainstream websites, which all seemed to indicate the same thing: Odell Beckham was set to marry Erica Mendez.

And then came the Tweet from OBJ himself:

Foolish if u belive tht... It's pure fiction

And then the headline from the New York Post:

Giants rookie: I've never met woman calming to be fiancee"

According to the New York Post report, the Giants have asked the NFL to investigate this situation, and released the following statement:

“The entire story is fabricated. I have never been engaged. I don’t have any children. And I have never met this person who is making these claims,” Beckham said in a statement through his new team.
A team spokesman added, “The organization has contacted NFL security to look into finding the person responsible’’ and to “help investigate the matter’’ on Beckham’s behalf.

This situation is another reminder (and lesson learned to us), to be cautious of what's floating online. We'll continue to monitor this story and keep you updated.

Our original post below is unedited, and based on information available to us at that time.

Life is good for Odell Beckahm Jr.

The LSU Wideout is expected to go high in the first round of Thursday's NFL draft, and the world is in the palm of his hands. The only thing making life better is Odell Beckham Jr's girlfriend Erica Mendez.

Actually, girlfriend is not an accurate term any longer, according to Mendez. She and Beckham are engaged to be married, likely after the dust settles with the draft, and it is soon to be Odell Beckham Jr's wife Erica Mendez. Mendez is self described (by her own website), as "Entrepreneur. Model. Writer. Personal Trainer." Her biography tells us more:

Model & Entrepreneur Erica Liliana Mendez grew up in Houston, Texas as the daughter of Ricky and Gloria Mendez. Standing at 5'7 feet tall, Mendez is the embodiment of a diverse ethnic background, including Spanish, African American, and Native American. She graduated from Frassati Catholic High School in the top 10% of her class, which earned her an academic scholarship to Texas Tech University. She has went on to model for various clients, before setting her sights on entrepreneurship. Currently, she is working on her own lip gloss line, memoir and boutique.

While things are on the brink of having all things turn up Beckham, he's currently going through the rigors that so many other professional athletes face. Beckham is the subject of very salacious, and we've been advised patently untrue stories floating online. The couple seems to be rebounding nicely and taking the fight public.

PlayerWives is working to bring more on this story during draft season. Keep it tuned here.

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