Marquette Head Coach Buzz Williams' Wife Corey (Norman) Williams



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Buzz Williams' wife Corey (Norman) Williams is a bit of an athlete herself. And when we say a bit, we mean a lot. Growing up in Amarillo, TX, Corey attended Randall High School and ran track and field and cross country. Standing only 5'3", you might think that she was limited to running sports - but you'd be wrong. Corey was also a star guard, good enough to lead Randall to the 1992 Texas state championship, earning a finals MVP along the way. She attended two colleges, Barton County Community College in Kansas and Missouri-Kansas City, before finally transferring to her home state Texas A&M Kingsville to play for the Javelinas where she eventually earned Texas Player of the Year honors.

Texas A&M also happened to be where Buzz Williams was the assistant coach - and it didn't take long before Buzz asked Corey out. A few botched dates, that included running out of gas on a lonely stretch of Texas highway, led to a proposal a year later. Buzz Williams was married to Corey Norman in late 2000 while he worked for Colorado State. Buzz and Corey now have four children: daughters Addyson & Zera and sons Calvin & Mason.

A former basketball star is probably the ideal person for a high-pressure college basketball coach to marry, as she understands most of what he goes through. Buzz seems to recognize this about his wife, saying:

"The coaching profession... impacts your wife and your children and all of your other family members. The sacrifices involved change everyone's daily agenda because if you're going to be a basketball coach, it's 24 hours a day, seven days a week."

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