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Johnny Manziel's girlfriend Sarah Savage



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Is anyone having a better 2012 than Johnny Manziel?

The last time we looked into Johnny's personal life, we realized that the King of College Football was loving his reign at the top with beautiful women doing everything possible to get themselves into a picture with him. Now, after being crowned the 2012 Heisman Trophy winner, it's pretty clear that Johnny Football has a second trophy to be proud of.

Meet Johnny Manziel's girlfriend Sarah Savage. The world was more or less in the dark about this couple until the Heisman ceremony when pictures of the two surfaced, and word leaked that the two celebrated his victory in style. Sarah Savage is a model who is currently with the Avant agency in Texas, is a at Texas A&M where she will earn a BBA in marketing this spring. Now, Johnny may have chicks in lingerie throwing themselves at him, but from our perspective, it looks like he's done way better than any Halloween party pictures prove.

Now, where this actually gets interesting is what happens next? Johnny still has more time to spend at A&M before any sniff of the NFL becomes a reality, but Savage is about to get her second degree after obtaining a BA in Management & Operations from Univeristy of Texas - San Antonio (which doubles as her hometown) in 2010. Clearly a bright and driven student, will Savage want to enter the working world immediately or does she put things on hold and wait around College Station to stay close to Manziel? Or does she trust the biggest name in college football to be in Texas while she goes and tries to start a new career?

No matter what happens, this is impressive. Johnny Manziel has been on our radar for four months, and is already logging seasoned vet stats when it comes to his dating life.

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