04/12/12 (Updated)

Jessica Dorrell's Fiance Josh Morgan

It was really only a matter of time until this became public news. First we found out that Bobby Petrino had been in a motorcycle accident. Then we found out that fellow Arkansas staffer Jessica Dorrell was on the motorcycle with Arkansas coach Bobby Petrino at the time of the crash. Then we found out that Jessica Dorrell was actually engaged to be married to another fellow Arkansas staffer, Josh Morgan, in June of 2012. It is now being reported that Jessica Dorrell's fiance Josh Morgan is no longer the Director of Swimming and Diving Operations at Arkansas - a post he had held for three years. No word on whether he left of his own accord or was fired, but we do know that former assistant Megan Haskins has taken his position.

We feel for Josh, we really do. He's in an awful situation. That said, it's hard to believe that he didn't suspect something was going on between his future wife and Bobby Petrino. I mean, did that $20,000 Petrino gave her just disappear? Regardless, it is also being reported that the engagement may have been called off the week before the crash - so perhaps Josh Morgan did suspect something.

Prior to joining the swim team at Arkansas, Josh Morgan was an assistant Dean of Students at The Bolles School in Jacksonville, FL. Morgan grew up in Jacksonville, FL and received his bachelor's degree from the University of Florida. He was pursuing his master's degree at Arkansas - but something tells us that has been put on hold.

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One Response to “Jessica Dorrell's Fiance Josh Morgan”

  1. Alex

    BINGO! Unfortunately.Because what's going to happen is BMFP is going to be fired. He hired his mtseriss, just days before all this goes down.As a Hogs fan I hate it because the program is as close to making a legit title run as it's ever been. But the UA's hands are going to be tied. He messed up big-time. Dorrell will have to leave, but of her own volition the U can't touch her because regardless of any iffy circumstances around her hire, to fire her opens them up to legal problems, since her superior was involved in an inappropriate relationship. Josh Morgan's not gonna wanna stay the cuckolded coach? He's gonna go. Dorell will quit and never be seen in this state again.And BMFP's promising era will end how?GET ON THE GUS BUS! HIRE GUS AND WIN IT ALL THIS YEAR!!!